22 July 2010

Bag Lady.

Im back! Ive been gone a long time, Well a few months but it feels like years!
I almost forgot how to attach photos to a post! So yes anyway, Im back, Ive been busy moving house, job, friends, life basically! I now live in the sunny south of england, near to family, friends and great shopping :)

So that explains my absence! Im loving that i have kept on getting page views and new readers even though i havent been updating this! I am in long need of a giveaway! I reached 60 subscribers the other day (yey!) so i will be doing a nice (cheap) but very cute giveaway in the next couple of weeks!

So recently i've been doing my usual, Making bags!
Ive picked up some new slinky silky fabric, and have started to line the inside of my bags with it! Its so gorgeous, and one sqaure metre costs...99p! Its fab!

So here are two new additions to my bag family:

The large purple one is for my mum, as i realised she's not been given one yet! And the other one was an experiment with using ribbon, and i must say, i love it!

There is a local market in my new town, so im thinking of maybe selling some.

Also...i have new make up storage! Ive seen these boxes on lots of blogs, and spotted one on sale in WHSmith the other day, £9.99! bargain! I LOVE it!

Its huge! Even my mac pallette gets lost in it!

And lastly, despite being skint after deposits, rent, and a generally rubbish wage, I purchased some new nail polish to add to my ever growing collection!

I love these, so different to what i usually buy, yet so summery! Ive been wearing them all week, and although they do chip, they are still pretty damn gorgeous! They were 3 for 2 in superdrug, and each i think they were like £2.50 or something?

Anyway, Ive loved blogging again, i have missed it so much!

Watch this space for a 60 subscribers giveaway :)

Lil xx


  1. Cute bags, I especially like the 1st one!:D And what a cute storage, loving the cupcakes.:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  2. Welcome back! Have missed seeing what pretty things you've been making :)

    These don't disappoint - the experiement with the ribbon looks like it paid off - gorgeous!

    Love that cupcake drawer set - so cute, yet practical - great combination!

    Looking forward to hearing more about this giveaway of yours.. how exciting!


  3. Great to see you back!
    I love all your bag creations, I think I might pop back to your tutorial and try my hand at it!
    That make-up storage is so cute! And great that it's big enough for everything. I would have never have thought to look in WH Smith! xx


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