19 January 2010

Pallette time...

For Christmas i got my first MAC Pallette! I had a few MAC single eyeshadows before this so i depotted them and put them in. I also bout 5 new ones off the MAC website! So here it is so far! Quite a way to go but at least its a start! I hope to get a really great pallette i can use all the time. Being dark haired and green eyed i tend not to wear blues on my eyes as i find it doesnt quite go. So i try to stick neutral, i love browns especially.

So here i have...from top Shroom, Retrospeck, Omega, (Top)Honesty, Woodwinked, Antiqued, and then at the other side i have Scene and one which i dont know the name of because i forgot to take the sticker off after i depotted!! First timer faux pas #1! But i love the way the colours all work so well with each other, i especially love Omega in the crease as its matte and suitable for every occasion! I hope to get my hands on Cranberry as it will go nice with my eyes. As for other colours, i shall just have to try and see! Its hard not having a MAC store here, if god loved me he would have given us one, but alas he hasnt! So the internet it is! God bless ebay ;)

Paint the town...

Also whilst i was in town i picked up some bits in Paperchase and H&M. In Paperchase it was the beginning of Valentines! So there were so many bits and pieces, mainly red and mainly heart shaped! Which i love!! I had wanted an old antique hand mirror for a while but cant quite find the style i like...so this red plastic one should do me until i find one! Its so cute and i love it! There were also heart cookie cutters, mixing bowl, candles, keyrings, heart sparklers, bath confetti and more! Heaven for a heart lover like myself! I also bagged this Gorgeous card for a birthday, thought id share it!

After this i toddled off to H&M in search of an outift, but as i saw nothing i liked i went to the accessories section! They had gorgeous bags and really bling jewellery but i liked this nail polish. Quite a modest purchase considering i was in for a whole outfit but there we go! I put it on when i got in and i love it!

After i applied the polish i took out my polishes box and took some piccies! Most of my stuff is Barry M, i love the way their polishes lie, and the finish they give! I also love Nails Inc for their top coat, base coat and a&e varnish!

I recently got these Nails inc goodies too, A file which is is ideal as my nails seem to chip all the time! I also got the buffer, both have a pretty floral design on them, it leaves my nails SUPER shiny, but it did keep catching on my nails as i was buffing back and forward.

So all in all a good day at the shops and not too much spent!


Today i went shopping! Although this post is called jewellery...i didnt buy any! i just looked...and looked! and then looked some more! A new shop has opened in Aberdeen called Outfit, which is warehouse, dorothy perkins, miss selfridge and a few other shops combined! The jewellery section is massive and i loved it all! I will go back and purchase some, but it got me thinking about my own jewellery collection!

I used to keep my earring all jumbled in an pot and my bangles the same. Never showing them off or being able to wear them because they were all tangled! So i bought a tray from Hobbycraft and organised my earrings into it! I then took my kitchen roll holder and used this to put my bangles on! Not a bad idea i thought, and it was just the right size! I put all my rings in one section of the tray, but i would prefer a ring cushion to hold them in, so i shall see what i can find when im next out!

I also thought id share some of my favourite bits!

10 January 2010

Polaroid Effect...

Whilst looking through Flickr i have come across many photos which were taken on polaroid cameras, the result is so striking and i love it. However...my polaroid is in a box at my mums house and i probably wouldnt remember how to use it!

So ive been looking for a good tutorial for how to recreate a possible polaroid effect in photoshop...i found a few good ones but the best one i found is here http://best-photoshop-tutorials.blogspot.com/2009/06/retro-polaroid-coloring-on-your-photo.html I tried out the tutorial and LOVE the effects they gave...here are my results...

Here is my original photo (me and my best friend at Durdle Door, im the one on the left!)...

And my photoshopped versions!...

I Wish...

This...is stunning! Another Etsy find...Enough said :)

Vintage Eating...

I love the look of old fashioned cutlery, and would like nothing more than to own a large collection of different cutlery. On Etsy.com i found these eating implements...which i loved. They are so pretty, and were quite cheap might i add! I think my first purchase on etsy will have to be some cutlery, may the collecting begin!

Dress up...

Heres some photos i found on Flickr of some dressers. When i think about how i would like my own house to look, i always think about dressers. I picture a large kitchen, Big wooden table, vintage tablecloth, Plates on the wall, Lillies, Cute tea set and a big vintage dresser! I love them, and definately want one when i have my own place. I would fill it with pretty plates and hang gorgeous cups on it, have a stash of cookbooks piled up on it, and hang hearts on the cupboard knobs.

I also love the chickenwire addition to the middle photo, very country chic.


Having a gander on etsy.com i was plunged into a pool of 'i want i want i want!'. I have never bought anthing off there before, however i think its time to start! I found some gorgeous old plates, cutlery, jewellery, furniture, linens and so on. Below are some photos of the gorgeous items i liked, and some Flickr photos of decor i love.

Etsy is an american homemade store where there are literlly thousands and thousands of items! Some gorgeous, some not quite so. All unique and i love that. All prices are in USD, which is quite nice as when you work out the GBP, you realise its not so much afterall! I want to start a collection of quirky but pretty plates, to use but also to hang on the wall. The first picture i have posted is so inspirational to me, and when i saw it it jumped right out at me and one day 'when i grow up' i hope to have a collection like this!

8 January 2010


Yesterday the postman also brought me a delivery of ELF stuff i had ordered.

I have heard lots of good things about this company, especially the price, so i thought id give them a whirl! The website is really good, i like how theres a 'studio', 'mineral' and 'basics' section, i preferred the studio line myself.

So i got: Complexion Perfection...which is a pressed powder in four shades but in the same compact. You can use just one or two colours for specific problem areas or just the whole palette across the whole face as i did! I used it on top of my foundation before blusher and highlighter and i loved it. My foundation tends to leave my skin slightly tacky looking, so i like the mattifying effect i got with the powder! It was only £3.50 so very cheap, and is comparable to mac powders i have used in the past!

I also got a blush in Candid Coral...havent actually used this one yet but it looks a nice coral colour and also very cheap so cant wait to use it!

Next i got the Shimmering palette which i hadnt heard too much about but thought id try anyway! I love it!! i used it on my cheeks for extra highlight and under my brows! It is like a cream/very soft powder and goes on great with a fluff brush or just the finger works great too!! It has 4 colours in the palette but each one would suit the face or eyes! or perhaps even lips!

Then i got the Contouring blush and Bronzing powder! This i loved! The shimmer on both of the products is amazing!! and for contouring, highlighting and blushing this is a great duo!! At only £3.50 again!! i cannot recommend this highly enough!

I had heard that the bronzers they did were great, so i went for the golden one as i have quite fair skin! i LOVE this, it didnt really bronze my face which was good, it just gave me an all over shimmer, but not as in too much, it was just right and i love it! If i wanted a darker one or if i were wearing tan i would use the darker one but this one was perfect for me! and again...£3.50!!

I also got a lipstick from their mineral range which is natural nymph! when i took it out i thought it looked quite peachy but in comparison to a lot of my other lippys its quite pinky. I love this and wore it all day yesterday even though im ill right now! And i find a lot of lipsticks leave my lips broken and visibly so...but this didnt! it matted them right out which is a nice look on my lips.

Last but not least i got a brush which i have heard on youtube so many times is great...the flat top powder brush!! I have to say i really do like it! I used it with the contouring powder and then for all over with the golden bronzer and it was great!

I will look at buying ELF again for definite! such great value for money! I will probably stick to the studio line though, as i think their packaging is more sleek and high end looking! I also want to try their mineral range as ive not had much experience with minerals as yet!

Oh and just to add...these 7 products including delivery came to £27 which...everyone must agree...is fantastic!! plus the delivery was super fast and if you buy right now and spend over £15 you get a free mini kit which looks like it has everything in it!! ...wish i had waited til now to order!! oh well i can just get it on my next shop! :)


Hello. So yesterday was a day off work for me and i had some goodies in the mail!
Firstly, ive been into sewing for a few weeks now and although i like the little day projects i want one which will take a little longer to complete! So...im going for a patchwork quilt! Or maybe not quite so big as a quilt...a patchwork blanket? So ive been trawling through ebay to find good deals on patchwork squares! I love ebay but i tend to only use it for 'Buy Now' products! im so inpatient!
A lot of the patchwork square lots on ebay are bidding so i didnt look at them so much, and there are lots of ugly fabrics out there too!! I found one lady who sells only square cuts, not by the metre so they were perfect for my needs, as i wanted 4" squares for mine! I ordered two sets of 40 squares! They were both mixed florals and i liked them a lot...so yesterday they came and i spent a bit of time arranging them in a way i liked. Its not quite big enough yet so i dont want to start sewing them together until i have the correct size i want. But already i love it and cant wait to get sewing!!

The picture probably isnt great quality, but i had to darken it in photoshop so you can see the flowers!
I was in town the other day also and picked up some wadding from john lewis for just £2 a metre! quite cheap i thought!

4 January 2010


So there are lots of posts today! Ive been a busy Lil!

For my birthday i got the Cath Kidston, Sew! book from my mum and i have been wanting to try some of the projects on my new sewing machine.

The book came with a pre cut bag, so i finally got round to making that...

I love this bag, although its a lot smaller than you think its going to be.
It only took me a few hours to make the bag so i was happy, and its now home to a lot of my cotton reels and trimmings!

I went to Dunelm Mill and John lewis, and found some really pretty fabrics in the sale! So i snapped them up! I also bought Bias Binding which i'd never heard of before so it was an experience using this for the first time!! I also got some zips because i wanted to make some storage bags for my sewing bits and bobs!

So here is what i made today! I loved making the pencil case, its so pretty with the two fabrics i chose and am thrilled with it, considering it was only my third sewing project! I then made the apron which was from the CK book also, i love it and will wear it for doing housework!! The pockets are a great size for cloths and dusters and sprays so i will feel like a right cleaner with it on!! I am going to make a smaller version of this for a make up brush roll! Im in desperate need of something to keep my brushes in, and i will be able to accesorize it with vintage brooches and such!

I love my new found hobby of sewing! I've never had a hobby before so im in my element and having the festive days off work has helped!

I shall keep posting pics up of my projects...

Oh and one last thing!...i made this garland after being inspired by Kirstie Allsopps Homemade Christmas programme on Ch4. I love her, she is so inspirational and i forced my bf to watch it with me!! The next day i went out and bought loads of felt to make this garland! Its a bit tatty on the edges as its not quite finished but it has tiny bells sewed onto it so it jingles and the cat loves it!! I was pleased with this garland as it was my first time using the blanket stitch.

Knitty Gritty...

I started knitting when i was younger, my mum taught me very patiently! Everytime i messed up she fixed it, and this was a regular occurence!! I picked up the knitting needles last year, and attempted a nice scarf...as you can see it didnt turn out so well!!

So i was shopping for some fabric in Dunelm Mill, and came across the wool, which was all for sale and lots of pretty colours! So i went for a nice warm grey colour which will go with most of my jackets! perfect for this snowy weather! I have since started a new scarf with this wool and some newly purchased needles! ... As you can see its going a lot better than my last attempt!! Hopefully when its finished i will accesorise it with some pom poms or vintage buttons or lace! I love knitting, its so relaxing and similar to reading a great book that you just can put down!

I was in John Lewis today buying some more fabric in the sales and their wool was also in the sale!! I bought two balls of this lovely burgundy colour, which would look great as a hat with a black crochet flower on or some mittens with vintage buttons on!! I hope to sell some of the projects i make so watch this space again!!

Does anyone know where to get lots of vintage buttons? apart from ebay?


Whilst i had the camera out i thought id also share some of my favourite things from my flat! Mostly just silly personal things but they're very me, so hopfully give you an insight into what i like!

I have lots of bits and pieces that hang from odds and ends in my flat! Its a rented flat, so the decor isnt exactly my taste and i cant do much about it! Apart from accesorize! This i am a big fan of. The above flutterby was a gift tag on presents i sent last year and i had one left. They were bougt at The Pier where i used to work until it closed down!

This heart was bought for me a week ago for my 23rd birthday by my friend susie! I love hanging hearts and she knows this, i also got from her a heart necklace made from glass which is gorgeous!

This heart was bought in my favourite shop in aberdeen, AnnieMo's. It sells quaint and chic items but also contemporary furniture. I love this shop and one day when im rich i want to buy everything from there! I bought a few of these button hearts and have then hanging from the broken handles in the kitchen! I'd like to make some myself when i can get my hands on some vintage buttons, im thinking cream and gold ones with gorgeous ribbon!...watch this space!

My mum bought me this heart for my birthday also, i love it and its very my style!, its currently hanging on the big heavy cabinet which the tv sits on, so i see it all the time which i love!

And...last but not least...this is my cat jack in my new sewing machines box!! Its quite a snug fit and i laughed when i found him there! He loves boxes so ill let him keep it!


So i was contemplating packing up my christmas tree tonight!...turns out i didnt want to! So i photographed it instead. I then remembered about some items i made when i was younger for our christmas 'decor'...decided to share them with you!...

This is a clay candle holder i made when i was in primary school! My mum kept it all these years, i must have been no more than 5 when i made it! it even has my name scrawled into the bottom of it. I love memorable items like this, and so glad my mum let me have it for my christmas box this year!...

This is a felt stocking i made when i was 15! My first experience with a sewing machine, quite good i thought! This was made in my home economics class and i loved making it! I'd like to make some slightly better and slightly less tacky ones for next year! I love personal stockings and think itll be a great little project for during the year.

And this is my christmas tree! Lovingly destroyed day by day, by my cat jack! and lovingly restored day by day, by me! Its held up quite well so im glad! Probably pack it up tomorrow :(

1 January 2010

Christmas / Birthday!

So it was chrismas last week!! It always comes and goes so quickly, but its always brilliant nonetheless!! It happens to be my birthday on the 28th of December as well so i turned 23! I recieved some lovely presents this year!! Some suprises and some asks! Here are just a few i recieved....

I recived this Sewing Machine from my lovely Boyfriend, after dropping hints!! Its such a cute size and is so great to use!! i have already made a few things on it and hope to make lovely things to sell some day!! I love crafts, and i am a very creative person! I love to draw and make cards, sew, knit! i hope to learn to crochet soon as it looks gorgeous!! So along with my sewing machine i got....

This book from my boyfriend also! It was a suprise and i LOVE it!! Its got so many great ideas in it! and all the patterns in the back of the book for me to copy!! A great gift!!

I have liked Cath Kidston for a while now and though my mum didnt know this...she suprised me with this book!! which came with pre-cut fabric for making a cute shoulder bag!! Im pleased to say i sat down for a few hours the other day and made the bag!! Is so lovely, great colour! And it is now a bag for keeping sewing materials in!! The book has loads of other great things to make as well, like aprons and bags, napkins and tablecloths!! Its safe to say my family and friends should expect handmade gifts next year!!

I also got for my birthday these Babyliss Curling tongs which are the largest barrel size they do, at 38cm!! I havent actually used these yet as i havent had an excuse to, but i shall test them out tonight so watch this space for pics!!

From my bf for xmas i asked for these straighteners! I had read in marie claire that they were better than GHDs and having had a few pairs that broke previously i was dying to try them!! I have used them almost everyday since and i can safely say they are much better!! My hair is so smooth and shiny and everyone has commented!! I also love the colours they come in, Gold, purple, red zebra, silver, black! They are also really lightweight and the cord is soooo long!! The handheld remote attached shows you the temperature as its heating up! and it has a blue light on it too so you can see when they are on or off!! Amazing, and i highly recommend!!

I love MAC make up and every christmas/birthday for me is like a massive haul!! This year i got an eyeshadow palette (empty but im sure ill fill it in no time!)I also got MAC studio sculpt foundation in NW20, love it! perfect for my skin!...MAC shadestick in beige-ing!...one palette refil in my fav colour retrospeck!! (above) i love this colour and im always repurchasing! I also got MACs volcanic exfoliator! MAC strobe cream, MAC smoke and mirrors eyeshadow compact which i LOVE!! the colours are so pretty and can be worn for a day or night look!! I love the packaging too its so simple and small!

I got a number of make up brushes to add to my collection as well, this year no MAC ones as i already have a few so i went for a different brand which ive heard are very good! Crown Brushes! From here i got, badger crease brush, badger mini oval which i LOVE! Badger camouflage brush, which i use for concealer. Badger angle brow brush which is so good for shading in my non-existent eyebrows! also the deluxe oval shader from the deluxe range.

Now that i have tried Crown brushes i can highly recommend them!! I was very sceptical that anyone could persuade me from my love of MAC brushes but they have! Plus they are around a quarter or less of the price so my brush collection can grow and grow without denting my financial situ!!