4 February 2011

February Finds

I love Miss Dior Cherie. But cost wise, I hate it! £30+ for 30ml. Ridiculous.

I heard Next made a perfume that was said to be identical to it. I heard correct!

Introducing Next, Diamonds. Its fabulous, the bottle is pretty, and the best thing? 100ml...£12!! Bargain I think you'll agree!!

I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Next, you saviours you!

Another recent purchase is Maybellines Dream Satin Liquid foundation. I have tried a few brands of foundation recently, Mainly the Bourjois ones, but found them either really drying or really greastastic!

I find this a lovely balance, It doesnt grease, and it never dries funny. It is blendable, a perfect shade for my skin, and was on offer in boots for £6! Bargain!

Another find this month is Garniers Complete Cleansing Milk. I use this at night to remove all traces of make up. It works really well on removing my mascara (Collection 2000's Big Fake, which is notoriously difficult to remove).

The best feature of this remover, is how soft it leaves my skin afterwards. Its as if I've just cleansed, toned and moisturised all in one go! Its fabulous, and with such a decent sized bottle, I shall enjoy using this every night for a long time to come!

Crown Brushes

I love Crown Brushes. I think they're super quality and fabulous prices.

I own a few already, mainly eyeshadow ones. So i chose two face ones for my next purchases.

These are from the badger series (my fave!). They are soft, lightweight and small enough for a medium make up bag.

I would definately choose 4 of these brushes over 1 mac brush. I think these were around £5 each. Whereas macs can be more than £30 at times.

The flat bronzer is fab for contouring the cheeks and temples. The angle brush i use for highlight, as its smaller than your average blusher brush, and gets just where you need it to!


Elf Palette

I got this Elf palette for Christmas. Its lush, I love it.

Okay so I might not use ALL the colours, but its nice to know if you want a 'different' colour, there's plenty to choose from!

I'm not sure how much this is on the website, but its worth buying i'd say! :)

New Year, New machine :)

My new sewing machine..Toyota FSL 18. I needed a faster mahine for my needs. I will probably sell my old John Lewis mini one.

I love this machine, its sooo fast, has pink on it, and was only £115!

I also picked up this Sewing accessories travel case (both from argos). This was £25 i think.
Its got 5 plastic boxes inside, all with small sections. Perfect for storing threads, buttons, ribbons, bobbins...the list goes on! I have filled three boxes already!

Its also got fab side compartments and a zip compartment, where i store scissors and larger items.

I love it...and its lilac which makes it even lovelier :)

My mum got me these cute embroidery scissors for my birthday in December. So handy for cutting sewing machine threads, and generally just super cute :)


My new quad :) I love it, and I love the new packaging too. I wish the 15 pan pallete was see thru too!

My colours of choice were...Cranberry, Sumptuous Olive, Quarry and Brule.

I love Brule as an all over base, Cranberry is fab to blend with a shimmery bronze/brown. Sumptuous olive is great all over or just in the crease. and Quarry is lovely in the crease, with retrospeck in the inner corner

I also recently got Macs Painterly Paint pot...and the hype is true...

'I dont know how i ever lived without it' :)

Patchwork Blanket

My first project of the year was a patchwork blanket..not quite a quilt...but big enough to snuggle under :)

Here is the process in pictures...

Cut out 150 squares of around 15cm by 15cm. (I used about 15 different fabrics)

End up with a pile like this...

Lay the squares out in a favoured pattern..I tried to mix and match the colours so it was varied...

Find a backing fabric...I used this fleece which was a bargain at £2 from tesco, and fitted my needs perfectly!

Sew strips of squares, then sew the strips together...I prefer the not so perfect look, so none of my squares match up perfectly...

And here is the finished blanket! Its so cosy with the fleece on the back, and super colourful!

My next mission is a full sized double quilt...In fact im starting this weekend :)

p.s I havent been around much lately, My laptops broken so its hard to get on and post! :)