4 August 2011

Business Cards

As my mind turns to Craft Shows, I decided to create some of my own business cards.

I love the design, mainly because i could use it on postcards, patchworks, woven labels, stickers or anything! And they were so easy to design. With a little help from photoshop!

Oh..I have been seriously slacking in the Blogger department, I am going to have a bit of a giveaway to make up for this :)

Love Lil xx

21 May 2011

Boxy Bag..

Today i made a boxy bag. Im very pleased with my first attempt!

You are meant to use interfacing to make it firmer, but i made it with a thicker cotton on the outside...next time i'll try the interfacing!

What do you think? I think a duo fabric outer would look cute :)

Love Lil x

Gustopher the Great..

This is Gus...My friends brand new 6 week old puppy! How cuuuuuttte!!

I shall be making him a nice puppy blanket this weekend...because hes just too cuute!

Love Lil x

The Zooooooo!

Last weekend we visited Marwell Zoo. It was a lovely day, and the animals were fabulous. I loved the Giraffes the most, But the limas were super cute too!

Heres some piccies from the day...

Have you ever been to Marwell Zoo? Love it :)

5 Cushions a day keeps the doctor away...

Here are some of my favourite cushions at the moment..love all the colours and stripes! The union jack one was my inspiration for one i attempted in the previous post!

Im going to attempt the top one first, its lush!!

Which ones do you like the most?

Love Lil x

8 May 2011

Long Overdue..

This post is long overdue..as the title says!
My laptop has been broken for a while now and funding issues meant a fix had to wait! I now have it back and so im back to my blog!

Heres some things i've been up to in the past few weeks...

1. Making Union Jack Cushion.

I joined in the Great British spectacle that was the Royal Wedding, and my offering was this cushion. Pretty and now is pride of place in my Mini Cooper :) How very British of me.

2. Making Beds.

Well, Duvet Covers to be precise :) This colourful creation cost roughly £8 to make and was lots of fun. I suggest everyone make their own duvet! :) And matching Cushions ;)

3. Exploring New Cushions.

Some beauties I have found recently...

4. Last but not least..Owl cushions!

My sister loves these, so ive decided to make her one for her graduation in July.

Heres some inspiring ones ive found so far...

Its good to be back! Hopefully it wont be too long until my next post!

Love Lil xx

4 February 2011

February Finds

I love Miss Dior Cherie. But cost wise, I hate it! £30+ for 30ml. Ridiculous.

I heard Next made a perfume that was said to be identical to it. I heard correct!

Introducing Next, Diamonds. Its fabulous, the bottle is pretty, and the best thing? 100ml...£12!! Bargain I think you'll agree!!

I cannot recommend this highly enough.

Next, you saviours you!

Another recent purchase is Maybellines Dream Satin Liquid foundation. I have tried a few brands of foundation recently, Mainly the Bourjois ones, but found them either really drying or really greastastic!

I find this a lovely balance, It doesnt grease, and it never dries funny. It is blendable, a perfect shade for my skin, and was on offer in boots for £6! Bargain!

Another find this month is Garniers Complete Cleansing Milk. I use this at night to remove all traces of make up. It works really well on removing my mascara (Collection 2000's Big Fake, which is notoriously difficult to remove).

The best feature of this remover, is how soft it leaves my skin afterwards. Its as if I've just cleansed, toned and moisturised all in one go! Its fabulous, and with such a decent sized bottle, I shall enjoy using this every night for a long time to come!

Crown Brushes

I love Crown Brushes. I think they're super quality and fabulous prices.

I own a few already, mainly eyeshadow ones. So i chose two face ones for my next purchases.

These are from the badger series (my fave!). They are soft, lightweight and small enough for a medium make up bag.

I would definately choose 4 of these brushes over 1 mac brush. I think these were around £5 each. Whereas macs can be more than £30 at times.

The flat bronzer is fab for contouring the cheeks and temples. The angle brush i use for highlight, as its smaller than your average blusher brush, and gets just where you need it to!


Elf Palette

I got this Elf palette for Christmas. Its lush, I love it.

Okay so I might not use ALL the colours, but its nice to know if you want a 'different' colour, there's plenty to choose from!

I'm not sure how much this is on the website, but its worth buying i'd say! :)