4 February 2011

Crown Brushes

I love Crown Brushes. I think they're super quality and fabulous prices.

I own a few already, mainly eyeshadow ones. So i chose two face ones for my next purchases.

These are from the badger series (my fave!). They are soft, lightweight and small enough for a medium make up bag.

I would definately choose 4 of these brushes over 1 mac brush. I think these were around £5 each. Whereas macs can be more than £30 at times.

The flat bronzer is fab for contouring the cheeks and temples. The angle brush i use for highlight, as its smaller than your average blusher brush, and gets just where you need it to!



  1. my sister has this exact same brush set and loves it...she has been trying to convince me for a while to give these ago over my macs!!!

  2. hey :)

    I SO need to get myself some of these! they look so stylish too! :)


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