26 April 2010

A bag a day...

I am now producing around 1 bag a day, which for me is quite good! They only take an hour or so to make, and i really enjoy it!

Today i made a different style of bag, and i made it better...the lining isnt joined to the bag so there are no visible seams! It looks very professional if i say so myself!!

I have been looking online at woven labels, which i will buy on payday so i can have my own lilyribbons line :) How exciting!

I would love to be able to produce lots and lots of bags, sell them at craft fairs and online on etsy.com!

I also want to explore nicer zips or zip charms to make the zips a bit prettier!! I love the yellow zip i used for this bag, i feel brighter zips are definately the way forward!

Oh and today i bought two co-ordinating ribbons! John lewis seems to have a new ribbon range, which got me rather excited! So expect my next bags to have a bit of detailing to them!

Hope you're all having a lovely day! :)

25 April 2010

All things pretty :)

Today i wanted to use some of my new fabric! So...I made a bag...suprise suprise!

I actually love using this fabric, its such good quality and it was so cheap! It was from a store called Fabric Land, in portmsouth cascades shopping centre, but they have a few around the uk.
Im so impressed! I love the colour combination i chose, and im pretty pleased with the outcome!

I also took some photos of two other bags i have previously made but not blogged about! The first is a small coin purse i made, but i actually keep it in the zip pocket of my handbag, for hair grips and kirbys etc.

The second is a large bag which i now store all my nail varnishes in! Its lined in cute heart fabric, and is oval at the top so its a bit different! Love both!

Also just a few new things i have got...

When on holiday i treated myself to the new Barry M ice creams collection, minus the yellow one because i dont like it! Ive worn all four and i love them! I now own 14 barry m polishes and im quite proud about this! :)

I also bought a spotty mug from laura ashley because i had a voucher, thought it was quite cute!

And i got this litte heart frame as a gift from my nan! How cute :) another addition to my hearts collection!

And lastly some cute shoes from primark! very summery i thought! they look good with my pale blue jeans and oversized tee!

Anyway...bit of a random post! Hope to get some FOTD's up soon and make up hauls when get paid on thurs :)

24 April 2010

Im back!

I have been away! I would like to say ive been abroad but...i havent! Ive been visiting family and friends in my home city of portsmouth for two weeks! The sun was shining everyday and we went on lots of trips to Thorpe Park, Brighton, Bournemouth! and general holidayish things! I am moving down south in a few weeks so i was there to flathunt and find a general location where id like to live too, so its not all been leisure!

I have missed my little blog :) and sewing and buying lots of make up! so now im back and i have lots of making up to do!

I was so happy to find a really nice fabric shop in Portsmouth and it was sooo cheap so i will be posting on this! And ive been wearing new nail polishes and lipsticks which i will also be reporting on!

I have almost two weeks of blog reading to do so i will be kept busy in the next few days!

Now some cheesy holiday snaps ... :-)

Brighton beach :)

Me and Brighton beach!

Bournemouth beach!

Me and bf on Bournemouth pier

Me on bournemouth beach!
We ate out nearly everday so we have both put on weight and feel really sluggish...so its detox time!! I gave up on the 30 day shred because i was working nights and it was too difficult to continue without killing myself! So i will be back on that today too! Lucky me!
Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine! :)

9 April 2010

Questions Questions!

I would like to be able to do a giveaway soon...if my followers keep growing!

I will give away a set of handmade make up bags and some other bits.

Im just wandering...what do you like to see in a giveaway?

I think id like to do it around 70 followers, because 100 seems too far away lol.

Any comments on what to give away or what more to feature on my blog?

I enjoy sharing homemade projects but do you guys find them boring?

Please comment because i like to read them :)

Lil xx

8 April 2010

The Magics in the Make Up Bag..

Today i made another make up bag. This one is a gift for my friend in England who i am visiting next week! I made it along the same lines as my previous bags, but this one is larger, uses more fabrics and tapers out at the bottom so you can fit more make up in!

I really like the effect of using different strips of fabric, though i wanted to add lace and buttons onto this one, i cant afford the extras this month so its plain this time! What do you think?

I know all my bags seem to be using all the same fabric recently, but i have just purchased three new fabrics from ebay for £1.65 each! They are so cute and over a metre squared. So i got myself a real bargain!

The shop i got these from is JaskWear, postage is 75p so you cant get much cheaper in my eyes!

I will be making bags with my new fabric when it arrives, so excited!!

I will also make a tutorial post on how to make a simple make up bag!

7 April 2010

Back to Black..

So...apologies for the wait! But here is my new hair colour! I love how shiny it is, the picture doesnt show it at its shiniest...but it is! I think it looks alot healthier than it did before.
(see before pic in a previous post)
The dye i use is Loreals Casting Creme Gloss, in Ebony Black. Its got the most amazing after conditioner which smells ace and makes your hair sooo soft! Its around £6 but the colour is amazing and the cream sort of lathers up like shampoo which means even with hair my length you only need one box!

I am also wearing my Bourjoirs 10 hour sleep effect foundation, which i LOVE! Its got slightly less coverage than revlons colourstay, but it doesnt feel like im wearing anything which is great because i work 12 hour shifts, and it has a lovely scent.

The only downside is that i think the bottle should be slightly larger, it seems as though it will run out quite quickly. Though for £8 it is cheaper than colourstay, and i havent had any oily patches as i did with colourstay either! So all in all id give it 9/10! Im definately converted!

I am also wearing one of the new lipsticks i wrote about a few posts back! The colour is Tell No One, and its the new range from Rimmel (in the pink packaging) I never knew until i tried them out that they smell like those sweets parma violets! Its lush! The colour is pretty and not too bright. Its not too drying, though i do have to moisturise my lips a lot to make it look good. So a thumbs up for these too!

6 April 2010

Hair Inspiration...

Im having a clearout!

Im moving in two months, down to portsmouth! Which is a big 600 miles from where i am now! But i will be back in my hometown after years in scotland!

So...i need some pennies and am having an ebay clearout!! Just a few select items which i love but cant justify just hanging in the wardrobe!

Here are the 4 things i am selling, i will be selling more once i decide what to part with next!!

ASOS dress

Warehouse dress

Miss Selfridge dress

River Island clutch

Oh and i have found an ebay seller who sells NYX round lipsticks for £1.99 which is the cheapest ive seen in the UK! the link for their page is...http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/Fragrance-Direct-Uk__W0QQ_armrsZ1!

1 April 2010

Hair story....

Tomorrow i will be dying my hair again, these days i usually dye it a semi-permanent black, which leaves it glossy, makes me look slimmer, and if it fades it doesnt leave horrible tide marks! I have done this for a while now, but thought id share with you some of my past haircuts and colours!

Here i am in my first year of uni, after experimenting with some highlights! I never really cared for them much, and always thought they looked a bit 'not me', but i stuck with them!

Here i am with some bolder highlights, but slightly underneath my top layer of hair, as i didnt want the horrible roots!...again not my favourite ever style!

This is when i dint colour my hair much, and let it go to its naturalish colour! You can still see remnants of highlights in it, though they have faded a lot!

Here is when i used to get my hair quite layered, just a normal style for me. I never used to be able to grow it because it frustrated me too much when it was long!

So this one is probably my shortest haircut ive had, it was very short layers with a kind of side fringe going on!

I then experimented with a fringe...but i hated the getting it trimmed all the time aspect so i let it grow out!!

And here is me last year, when i first tried using the semi permanent black that i do now! I think this is the colour which best suits me and it looks so healthy.

And this is my hair today...this afternoon in fact! Its got a bit of a reddish tinge to it after several attempts to go Mahogany failed!! All my layers have sort of formed into one big long mass! But i love the length and i cant wait to dye it tomorrow!

I have enjoyed looking back on my many styles! I hope you have enjoyed looking with me! If any of you can be bothered to do this post as well, please let me know as i love looking at how people have changed over the years!!

(p.s. photos will be up tomorrow of my black hair!)

Lil xxx

3 for 2 Rimmel

So as you guesed...it was 3 for 2 in boots today on any rimmel purchases. I noticed they have out a new lippie so i tested a few and chose two that i liked. Im not usually a bold bright lipstick kinda girl but i thought they might brighten up my day!

I love them, and the packaging is GORGEOUS! ...slightly over the top but very girly and different! They had a range of shades and they were categorised into day, night and party. So i chose two from the day range (i think?) I havent tried them on my lips yet but as an initial review the colours are beautiful, they are both matte which i dont usually wear, and the textures appear to be creamy! I shall feature them in a FOTD soon...

For my other purchse i got one of their Eyeshadow mousses. I was sceptical about these when i first saw them but i tried this one in the shop and i liked it!
It comes in a cute glass pot, with a cover which you remove, or can use to take the product from. Its in the colour 008, Sassy.

I think it will look really great with MACs club over the top, or with a purple, perhaps a barry M dazzleglass, over the top! Anyway i shall test out some eyeshadows on top and let you know! This will also look lovely on its own though im sure!

(Without Flash)

(With Flash)

I also bought some Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation, after BUBBLEGARM reviewed it a while ago, i thought id try it out! Lets face it, arent we always on the look out for a better foundation!?

Hope you liked my wee haul, and are all loking forward to the easter weekend! I, unfortunately, am doing night shift tonight, and tomorrow night, then off saturday, and working easter sunday and monday! Excellent! I think i'll be needing the '10 hour sleep effect' for sure!!