24 April 2010

Im back!

I have been away! I would like to say ive been abroad but...i havent! Ive been visiting family and friends in my home city of portsmouth for two weeks! The sun was shining everyday and we went on lots of trips to Thorpe Park, Brighton, Bournemouth! and general holidayish things! I am moving down south in a few weeks so i was there to flathunt and find a general location where id like to live too, so its not all been leisure!

I have missed my little blog :) and sewing and buying lots of make up! so now im back and i have lots of making up to do!

I was so happy to find a really nice fabric shop in Portsmouth and it was sooo cheap so i will be posting on this! And ive been wearing new nail polishes and lipsticks which i will also be reporting on!

I have almost two weeks of blog reading to do so i will be kept busy in the next few days!

Now some cheesy holiday snaps ... :-)

Brighton beach :)

Me and Brighton beach!

Bournemouth beach!

Me and bf on Bournemouth pier

Me on bournemouth beach!
We ate out nearly everday so we have both put on weight and feel really sluggish...so its detox time!! I gave up on the 30 day shred because i was working nights and it was too difficult to continue without killing myself! So i will be back on that today too! Lucky me!
Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine! :)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I was looking through old posts and those makeup bags you sew are darling! I tried once and it was a major fail! lol

  2. Heya great photos! Glad you enjoyed your trips, i'm from Bournemouth :) x


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