1 April 2010

Hair story....

Tomorrow i will be dying my hair again, these days i usually dye it a semi-permanent black, which leaves it glossy, makes me look slimmer, and if it fades it doesnt leave horrible tide marks! I have done this for a while now, but thought id share with you some of my past haircuts and colours!

Here i am in my first year of uni, after experimenting with some highlights! I never really cared for them much, and always thought they looked a bit 'not me', but i stuck with them!

Here i am with some bolder highlights, but slightly underneath my top layer of hair, as i didnt want the horrible roots!...again not my favourite ever style!

This is when i dint colour my hair much, and let it go to its naturalish colour! You can still see remnants of highlights in it, though they have faded a lot!

Here is when i used to get my hair quite layered, just a normal style for me. I never used to be able to grow it because it frustrated me too much when it was long!

So this one is probably my shortest haircut ive had, it was very short layers with a kind of side fringe going on!

I then experimented with a fringe...but i hated the getting it trimmed all the time aspect so i let it grow out!!

And here is me last year, when i first tried using the semi permanent black that i do now! I think this is the colour which best suits me and it looks so healthy.

And this is my hair today...this afternoon in fact! Its got a bit of a reddish tinge to it after several attempts to go Mahogany failed!! All my layers have sort of formed into one big long mass! But i love the length and i cant wait to dye it tomorrow!

I have enjoyed looking back on my many styles! I hope you have enjoyed looking with me! If any of you can be bothered to do this post as well, please let me know as i love looking at how people have changed over the years!!

(p.s. photos will be up tomorrow of my black hair!)

Lil xxx


  1. Thank you for the comment - consider yourself entered for the giveaway :) Twice in fact, seeing as you've posted it on your blog too - thanks!

    I'm getting my hair done tomorrow - my roots are getting desperate, so I'm rather happy - I may well look into doing a similar post - a hair history, as you said.. Dunno, it might be embarrassing!


  2. No you should! Id love to see it! Ive just dyed mine but i have serious grey tide marks around my face...i should have used vaseline! I think i'll have to wait a few days for photos lol :) xxx

  3. Can't wait to see the pictures, black hair looks so good and healthy on you.;D

    Will now follow your blog, follow mine too?:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I really love the dark hair. I'm the same, mine is dark but has a reddish tinge coz I have tried to go a little mahogany but it didn't work too well!

    Happy Easter xox

  5. I've always wanted to have really dark hair but I don't think it would suit me! It really suits you though :). And its so glossy!!


  6. @Marie. Thank you, i quite like it dark, it completely changes my complexion, and i love it with a red lip :) i am following your blog now!

    @Sophie. Its so hard to go a proper mahogany isnt it!? I tried for ages, even used those schwarzkopf intense red ones but they didnt make any difference to my hair, i can only seem to go dark!

    @Sadie. Your hair is gorgeous you dont need to change it! I always notice in your posts it looks so perfect and really suits you!


  7. Hello Lil I love your blog!! Love from Mum xoxo


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