25 April 2010

All things pretty :)

Today i wanted to use some of my new fabric! So...I made a bag...suprise suprise!

I actually love using this fabric, its such good quality and it was so cheap! It was from a store called Fabric Land, in portmsouth cascades shopping centre, but they have a few around the uk.
Im so impressed! I love the colour combination i chose, and im pretty pleased with the outcome!

I also took some photos of two other bags i have previously made but not blogged about! The first is a small coin purse i made, but i actually keep it in the zip pocket of my handbag, for hair grips and kirbys etc.

The second is a large bag which i now store all my nail varnishes in! Its lined in cute heart fabric, and is oval at the top so its a bit different! Love both!

Also just a few new things i have got...

When on holiday i treated myself to the new Barry M ice creams collection, minus the yellow one because i dont like it! Ive worn all four and i love them! I now own 14 barry m polishes and im quite proud about this! :)

I also bought a spotty mug from laura ashley because i had a voucher, thought it was quite cute!

And i got this litte heart frame as a gift from my nan! How cute :) another addition to my hearts collection!

And lastly some cute shoes from primark! very summery i thought! they look good with my pale blue jeans and oversized tee!

Anyway...bit of a random post! Hope to get some FOTD's up soon and make up hauls when get paid on thurs :)


  1. so cute!!! i love the nail polishes and the shoes especially!! lovely!

  2. Those little bags are lovely!
    In the summer after my exams I've got a whole list of things to try out. I'm going to buy a scrapbook and do my own collages, a bit like polyvore (but on paper) lol! I think I might give something like this a go too :)
    Cute shoes, good old Primark lol xx

  3. Oh yep i buy so many primark shoes, theyre so cheap! love it!
    Oh yeah you defo should, i never thought id be able to make anything like this! But even girls at work want them now! The cath kidston Sew book helped me no end! :)


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