7 April 2010

Back to Black..

So...apologies for the wait! But here is my new hair colour! I love how shiny it is, the picture doesnt show it at its shiniest...but it is! I think it looks alot healthier than it did before.
(see before pic in a previous post)
The dye i use is Loreals Casting Creme Gloss, in Ebony Black. Its got the most amazing after conditioner which smells ace and makes your hair sooo soft! Its around £6 but the colour is amazing and the cream sort of lathers up like shampoo which means even with hair my length you only need one box!

I am also wearing my Bourjoirs 10 hour sleep effect foundation, which i LOVE! Its got slightly less coverage than revlons colourstay, but it doesnt feel like im wearing anything which is great because i work 12 hour shifts, and it has a lovely scent.

The only downside is that i think the bottle should be slightly larger, it seems as though it will run out quite quickly. Though for £8 it is cheaper than colourstay, and i havent had any oily patches as i did with colourstay either! So all in all id give it 9/10! Im definately converted!

I am also wearing one of the new lipsticks i wrote about a few posts back! The colour is Tell No One, and its the new range from Rimmel (in the pink packaging) I never knew until i tried them out that they smell like those sweets parma violets! Its lush! The colour is pretty and not too bright. Its not too drying, though i do have to moisturise my lips a lot to make it look good. So a thumbs up for these too!


  1. very nice.yay for dark hair! :) x

  2. Oh thanks sophie :) i think yey too! xx

  3. Wow, so shiny! Definitely an amazing color! You make me want to go black again, but I'm afraid to fry my hair again xD

  4. Hair looks lovely, really shiny and healthy :)

  5. Gorgeous! I have just discovered your blog and I love it! I have become a new follower. XX

  6. I've just got Bourjoirs 10 hour sleep effect foundation and I have to admit I'm converted from colorstay :)
    Your hair really suits you this colour - so pretty!


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