26 February 2013

25 February 2013

Speckled pink and Electric Blue...

A quick NOTD - Reminds me of the Illamasqua speckled range..but a bit more sexy..

This is a cold grey from Primark (pack of 4 - £2 bargain and lush colours!!)
With Barry Ms Ruby Glitter over the top!

I love this look :)

Also a sneaky pic of a new dress..H&M..£25. Kinda love the colour and the fit. 
I originally bought the leopard one of this, but it wasnt my size and couldnt get another! Gutted as I LOVE leopard print! 
I shall have to order online I think. Anyway - I love H&M, but their sizes are always odd on me!

I wore this to a party - with black tights, black shoe boots and a black blazer. 

What do you think of the colour? What would you wear with it?

 Lil :) xxx

16 February 2013

No Make Up Face...Beware :)

So..here goes. My face. Without make up...for the world to see!

This is me after a shower, moisturised. I have quite a freckly face, no eyebrows hardly, a very odd nose, one  slightly lazy eye and big horrible cheeks! 


Here is me with half my face covered in my new BB cream, see yesterdays post. I love the coverage and feeling it leaves my skin.

Heres me with half my face now foundation covered - on top of the BB cream. I love this foundation (Not the best photo i admit!)

Heres me with my whole face foundation-ed now. With a bit of blush on.

My MAC palette...and H&M palettee...

Now my eyes are done, and one of my brows. I dont ever leave the house without brows! If its the only thing I do - I brow :)

Both brows done, Mac Gel Eyeliner on, Just need some mascara...

And here is the finished article...Well without straight hair..but you get the point :)

Not sure why I did this, but I love seeing other peoples 'get ready with me' posts.
I love the way make up makes you feel sexy, less 'faulted' and a bit more symmetrical haha!

 Im out tonight with a new dress, so Ill be sure to cover my 'going out' makeup tomorrow :) 

(Dont worry no more scary photos :))

Love Lil xxx

15 February 2013

A Wee Shop...

Yesterday we got sent home from work at 12 because the IT at work failed. Always a good thing in my books!!
So..i went on a small shop for some 'bits'.

They consisted of the below:

Leopard Print Dress from H&M - £25
Revlon Colourstay Foundation for Oily/Combination skin (Prefer the finish to this over the dry skin one) £12.50
Loreal Nude Magique BB cream - £9.99
Barry M Gelly nail poishes in Pomegranite / Grapefruit / Prickly Pear. 3 FOR 2 in Boots
Barry M nail polishes in Clear / Ruby Glitter / Yellow Topaz Glitter - 3 FOR 2 in Boots.
H&M Nail Polishes in Red Nail / Fabulous Nails Honey - £2.99 each.

I shall do a post on the polishes and my collection soon - but heres my first thoughts on the BB cream:

Being brand new to BB creams I was very sceptical, I dont usually like the texture of primers or tinted moisturisers - but this one I had seen reviewed and loved the idea of white liquid turning to coloured base.

Here it is freshly squeezed out of the fabulous pointy tube..its particles must burst when then are rubbed in or something - its genius! Its not thick, quite runny but i actually really like the texture. Its not heavy and makes you feel kind of 'clean'. It completely blended into my hand no bother...

You can see below the sheen it gives my hand - almost a gold glow. I tried it today for work under my new foundation and I LOVE IT. I will do a proper review with some before (argh!) and after make up shots - which Ive never done before so should be fun!!

Anyway - first thoughts - LOVE IT! a defo repurchase in my eyes!

Lastly, my foundation of choice, always, is this Revlon Colourstay. This time I went for a shade warmer than usual, because I was finding in photos my skin was forever looking so pale and washed out with the previous colour. Hopefully this is more my skin tone. 
Love this - and for anyone looking for a drugstore foundation, I would 100% recommend it. Its buildable, non heavy, matte and doesnt have a horrible smell! 
Though I like the Boujoirs and Rimmels of the counters - I have repurchsed this 5 times now so you can tell i love it.


Hope you all had a fab valentines - I avoided like the plague! God bless Nail Polishes eh! 

Until Tomorrow...

Love Lil xxx

12 February 2013

Tattoo Tuesday 12.02.13

Todays Tattoo Tuesay is all about The Sleeve. 

Please just admire and love the gorgeousness of a sleeved lady :)

11 February 2013

25 Facts about me...

So..Ive seen this post doing the rounds! Love reading them so heres my own :)

1 - I lived in Scotland for 15 years. Aberdeen for 6 of those where I gained my degree in Product Design BDes Hons :)

2 - I over use smileys. On work emails. On FB. In texts. I LOVE them :) : S : P : # : O : /

3 - I LOVE autocad. I learnt to use it in High School. Used in through Uni and now use it in my work everyday. I even participate in autocad forums online...sad as this may be! Like I say - LOVE it :) (Computer Aided Design for those who dont know!)

4 - I have had three main relationships in my life. All of which ended not particularly nicely. I hope to one day meet that 'special' guy - but at the moment im content living alone and having some 'me' time!

5 - My Grandad died a few days before Christmas just gone. It was a very quick illness and A very sad time for all of us. He is deeply missed. (I wish I had a photo of him here to post - but I dont have any online)

6 - I dont like Milk, Cold Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Yoghurts, Coriander or Steak.

7 - I love chocolate. I dont think I will ever not like it. This makes Dieting rather difficult. (My fav is Whole Nut or Milka)

8 - I have a Big Brother Adam and a Little Sister Daisy. Both still live in Scotland and I miss them very much.

9 - I have never broken a bone - but when I was 3 I fell over a doorstep and for years used to have recurrent nose bleeds because of it (Ew)

10 - I had buck teeth until I got braces at the age of 17. Starting Uni with braces was awful!

11 - My favourite drink is Southern Comfort, Blackcurrant and Lemonade (Tastes like sherbet) Fav cocktail is Raspberry Mojito and favourite shot is Tequila with a wedge of lime :)

12 - I collect Hanging Hearts and have 40 + hanging on my walls/doors in my flat.

13 - I had a cat Jack - which i bought with my ex three years ago. Me and my Sister rescued him one night from my exs after we split up and now he lives in Edinburgh with my Sister. I miss him a LOT but my sis bought me a canvas of him for my wall :)

14 - When I was growing up we had 16 cats. My mum was a Cats Protection foster - but most of them were our own. People think this is weird or horrible but we love cats and always will!

15 - I LOVE to dress up. My finest costume was home made - Bill and Ben which I wore to a club in Aberdeen. I felt like a celebrity wearing it, everyone wanted a photo of me and them :)

16 - My favourite food is Pizza (Hawaiian) or Spag Bol. I have a love for Italian food - and Jamie Oliver is my favourite Chef :)

17 - I have a hot water bottle - in the shape of a dog called Roger which was given to me by a friend when I moved to Aberdeen for uni to keep me warm. Im not embarassed to say we've been best mates for nearly 10 years!

18 - I am afraid of Ice Skating, Clowns and Spiders.

19 - I own a Mini Cooper called Claude :) He costs me loads and one day I shall replace him...but for now hes staying!!

20 - My last two partners I met online. One on Match and one on Plenty Of Fish. I recently joined POF again, as It can be quite lonely living alone. Most guys on there are odd - but have met some nice ones along the way.

21 - I have one foot bigger than the other. One is a 7 and one is a 6 1/2 Id say. I hardly ever wear slip on heels for this fact! Unless they strap to my feet I wont wear them!

22 - Ive been to america once - with Uni and LOVED it! I hope to revisit some day. I also want to visit Paris and Australia.

23 - I used to own a bright orange Kappa tracksuit. Yes - top and bottoms! I also owned bright orange trainers and had the front of my hair dyed bright red. Odd - the things you choose to wear when you're a teenager!!

24 - I am ALWAYS sick after drinking. I just cant hold it down. Usually in the mornings.

Me on Xmas Morning a few years back. Bless my sis for holding my hand :)
25 - My real name is Elizabeth which I dont like very much, so I get called Lil, Betty, Lilian or Liz.

Please post links to your 'facts about me' posts! Love reading them!!

Love Lil xxx

10 February 2013

Introducing My Kindle (Mr Book is his name)

Just a quick post today - wanted to share my lovely Kindle with you all :)

I got this last year - from amazon, it was around £70 i think?
The first book I read on it was Katie Pipers Beautiful, I read it in a few hours and cried my eyes out in some parts (V good book - highly recommend!!) 

I got the beautiful cover for it from Amazon also, It comes in a variety of styles, I love the 'Old' look.  

I keep it on my bedside table and for Xmas I got the MightyBright L.E.D light for it, as I love reading at night, and as this is the older style Kinde touch, It doesnt have a back light. 
(I would recommend this light - its fab - Also from Amazon!)

When the Kindle is sleeping it shows Literature-related photos on it like this typewriter below.

Here is the MightyBright in action - Very bright and ideal for night time reading with the big light off!

Amazon sends out an email everyday showing a few books for 99p. But also if you look on their website LOADS of books are always reduced to 20p or if its quite popular at the time!

My favourite book I read so far from Kindle was 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green. Its such a wonderful book, Its about two cancer patients who fall in love. Obviously its sad, but very funny and witty - and Highly Romantic! I have read it 4 times now and my Sister who is book mad also read it and loved it.

I have also purchased The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice and many other classics (Not read them yet!!) 

Its fab for car journeys, long flights or generally picking up every night! It saves where you last read until, and  gives you a percentage of how far the book you are through.

All in all - I love it. (I never thought I would!!) But excellent if you're short on space for real books - Like me!
p.s Im currently reading the 5:2 diet by Michael Mosely - review coming!!

Do you Kindle? Share your favourite books with me!!

Lil xxx


6 February 2013

Pizza Wrap...

So Im on a diet. Well a 'Lifestyle Change'. 
Im participating in the 5:2 diet which you may or may not have heard of. I wont go into too much detail, but bascially you eat normally for 5 days, and fast for two. (Mine are Tuesday and Thursdays where Im allowed 400cals)
So today being Wednesday, its a 'normal' day. Though Im making my normal days healthier than I usually would. Im feeling fabulous, and will write a proper post on this soon!

For my dinner tonight I made Pizza Wraps, as found on GEMSMAQUILLAGE. She makes such lovely food, and its always pretty healthy too which is great!

See ingredients below:

Fry the chopped up veg (Not necessary but I prefer to)

Spread some puree on the wrap...

Scatter the veg on the wrap...

Scatter on some cheese...

Stick in the oven for ten mins...whilst this was cooking I knocked up a simple dressing of Balsamic, Olive Oil and Wholegrain Mustard...Prepare a wee salad and dress...

Looks YUMMY!!...

Wrap up and fold!! TaDa! These were so yummy! I cant wait to try different toppings, Im thinking Rocket and Chorizo or ham and pineapple!!

Thanks Gem!

Love Lil xxx