11 February 2013

25 Facts about me...

So..Ive seen this post doing the rounds! Love reading them so heres my own :)

1 - I lived in Scotland for 15 years. Aberdeen for 6 of those where I gained my degree in Product Design BDes Hons :)

2 - I over use smileys. On work emails. On FB. In texts. I LOVE them :) : S : P : # : O : /

3 - I LOVE autocad. I learnt to use it in High School. Used in through Uni and now use it in my work everyday. I even participate in autocad forums online...sad as this may be! Like I say - LOVE it :) (Computer Aided Design for those who dont know!)

4 - I have had three main relationships in my life. All of which ended not particularly nicely. I hope to one day meet that 'special' guy - but at the moment im content living alone and having some 'me' time!

5 - My Grandad died a few days before Christmas just gone. It was a very quick illness and A very sad time for all of us. He is deeply missed. (I wish I had a photo of him here to post - but I dont have any online)

6 - I dont like Milk, Cold Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Yoghurts, Coriander or Steak.

7 - I love chocolate. I dont think I will ever not like it. This makes Dieting rather difficult. (My fav is Whole Nut or Milka)

8 - I have a Big Brother Adam and a Little Sister Daisy. Both still live in Scotland and I miss them very much.

9 - I have never broken a bone - but when I was 3 I fell over a doorstep and for years used to have recurrent nose bleeds because of it (Ew)

10 - I had buck teeth until I got braces at the age of 17. Starting Uni with braces was awful!

11 - My favourite drink is Southern Comfort, Blackcurrant and Lemonade (Tastes like sherbet) Fav cocktail is Raspberry Mojito and favourite shot is Tequila with a wedge of lime :)

12 - I collect Hanging Hearts and have 40 + hanging on my walls/doors in my flat.

13 - I had a cat Jack - which i bought with my ex three years ago. Me and my Sister rescued him one night from my exs after we split up and now he lives in Edinburgh with my Sister. I miss him a LOT but my sis bought me a canvas of him for my wall :)

14 - When I was growing up we had 16 cats. My mum was a Cats Protection foster - but most of them were our own. People think this is weird or horrible but we love cats and always will!

15 - I LOVE to dress up. My finest costume was home made - Bill and Ben which I wore to a club in Aberdeen. I felt like a celebrity wearing it, everyone wanted a photo of me and them :)

16 - My favourite food is Pizza (Hawaiian) or Spag Bol. I have a love for Italian food - and Jamie Oliver is my favourite Chef :)

17 - I have a hot water bottle - in the shape of a dog called Roger which was given to me by a friend when I moved to Aberdeen for uni to keep me warm. Im not embarassed to say we've been best mates for nearly 10 years!

18 - I am afraid of Ice Skating, Clowns and Spiders.

19 - I own a Mini Cooper called Claude :) He costs me loads and one day I shall replace him...but for now hes staying!!

20 - My last two partners I met online. One on Match and one on Plenty Of Fish. I recently joined POF again, as It can be quite lonely living alone. Most guys on there are odd - but have met some nice ones along the way.

21 - I have one foot bigger than the other. One is a 7 and one is a 6 1/2 Id say. I hardly ever wear slip on heels for this fact! Unless they strap to my feet I wont wear them!

22 - Ive been to america once - with Uni and LOVED it! I hope to revisit some day. I also want to visit Paris and Australia.

23 - I used to own a bright orange Kappa tracksuit. Yes - top and bottoms! I also owned bright orange trainers and had the front of my hair dyed bright red. Odd - the things you choose to wear when you're a teenager!!

24 - I am ALWAYS sick after drinking. I just cant hold it down. Usually in the mornings.

Me on Xmas Morning a few years back. Bless my sis for holding my hand :)
25 - My real name is Elizabeth which I dont like very much, so I get called Lil, Betty, Lilian or Liz.

Please post links to your 'facts about me' posts! Love reading them!!

Love Lil xxx


  1. I now name you 'LEGEND' for posting a sick picture on your blog. Kudos for that :) xx

  2. Great post! x


  3. You seem like one very fun but crazy lady, I'm now your newest follower, I also recently joined pof as soon as some asks what you looking for RUN. I'm learning to drive in a mini cooper at the moment i'll be gutted when my own car is no were near as powerful.


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