10 February 2013

Introducing My Kindle (Mr Book is his name)

Just a quick post today - wanted to share my lovely Kindle with you all :)

I got this last year - from amazon, it was around £70 i think?
The first book I read on it was Katie Pipers Beautiful, I read it in a few hours and cried my eyes out in some parts (V good book - highly recommend!!) 

I got the beautiful cover for it from Amazon also, It comes in a variety of styles, I love the 'Old' look.  

I keep it on my bedside table and for Xmas I got the MightyBright L.E.D light for it, as I love reading at night, and as this is the older style Kinde touch, It doesnt have a back light. 
(I would recommend this light - its fab - Also from Amazon!)

When the Kindle is sleeping it shows Literature-related photos on it like this typewriter below.

Here is the MightyBright in action - Very bright and ideal for night time reading with the big light off!

Amazon sends out an email everyday showing a few books for 99p. But also if you look on their website LOADS of books are always reduced to 20p or if its quite popular at the time!

My favourite book I read so far from Kindle was 'The Fault In Our Stars' by John Green. Its such a wonderful book, Its about two cancer patients who fall in love. Obviously its sad, but very funny and witty - and Highly Romantic! I have read it 4 times now and my Sister who is book mad also read it and loved it.

I have also purchased The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Pride and Prejudice and many other classics (Not read them yet!!) 

Its fab for car journeys, long flights or generally picking up every night! It saves where you last read until, and  gives you a percentage of how far the book you are through.

All in all - I love it. (I never thought I would!!) But excellent if you're short on space for real books - Like me!
p.s Im currently reading the 5:2 diet by Michael Mosely - review coming!!

Do you Kindle? Share your favourite books with me!!

Lil xxx



  1. I love that cover so much!! It is so darn cute!! Lovely blog dear :)

  2. Im getting one next week! i am in love with that case! x


  3. The case is amazing - I think It was around 30 pounds..but money well spent! I love it!

    Enter my competition girls! xxx


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