6 February 2013

Pizza Wrap...

So Im on a diet. Well a 'Lifestyle Change'. 
Im participating in the 5:2 diet which you may or may not have heard of. I wont go into too much detail, but bascially you eat normally for 5 days, and fast for two. (Mine are Tuesday and Thursdays where Im allowed 400cals)
So today being Wednesday, its a 'normal' day. Though Im making my normal days healthier than I usually would. Im feeling fabulous, and will write a proper post on this soon!

For my dinner tonight I made Pizza Wraps, as found on GEMSMAQUILLAGE. She makes such lovely food, and its always pretty healthy too which is great!

See ingredients below:

Fry the chopped up veg (Not necessary but I prefer to)

Spread some puree on the wrap...

Scatter the veg on the wrap...

Scatter on some cheese...

Stick in the oven for ten mins...whilst this was cooking I knocked up a simple dressing of Balsamic, Olive Oil and Wholegrain Mustard...Prepare a wee salad and dress...

Looks YUMMY!!...

Wrap up and fold!! TaDa! These were so yummy! I cant wait to try different toppings, Im thinking Rocket and Chorizo or ham and pineapple!!

Thanks Gem!

Love Lil xxx

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  1. Yum-o!

    xo Jennifer



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