16 February 2013

No Make Up Face...Beware :)

So..here goes. My face. Without make up...for the world to see!

This is me after a shower, moisturised. I have quite a freckly face, no eyebrows hardly, a very odd nose, one  slightly lazy eye and big horrible cheeks! 


Here is me with half my face covered in my new BB cream, see yesterdays post. I love the coverage and feeling it leaves my skin.

Heres me with half my face now foundation covered - on top of the BB cream. I love this foundation (Not the best photo i admit!)

Heres me with my whole face foundation-ed now. With a bit of blush on.

My MAC palette...and H&M palettee...

Now my eyes are done, and one of my brows. I dont ever leave the house without brows! If its the only thing I do - I brow :)

Both brows done, Mac Gel Eyeliner on, Just need some mascara...

And here is the finished article...Well without straight hair..but you get the point :)

Not sure why I did this, but I love seeing other peoples 'get ready with me' posts.
I love the way make up makes you feel sexy, less 'faulted' and a bit more symmetrical haha!

 Im out tonight with a new dress, so Ill be sure to cover my 'going out' makeup tomorrow :) 

(Dont worry no more scary photos :))

Love Lil xxx

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  1. You don't need the makeup, your skins flawless xxmac lipstick giveaway. 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk


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