15 February 2013

A Wee Shop...

Yesterday we got sent home from work at 12 because the IT at work failed. Always a good thing in my books!!
So..i went on a small shop for some 'bits'.

They consisted of the below:

Leopard Print Dress from H&M - £25
Revlon Colourstay Foundation for Oily/Combination skin (Prefer the finish to this over the dry skin one) £12.50
Loreal Nude Magique BB cream - £9.99
Barry M Gelly nail poishes in Pomegranite / Grapefruit / Prickly Pear. 3 FOR 2 in Boots
Barry M nail polishes in Clear / Ruby Glitter / Yellow Topaz Glitter - 3 FOR 2 in Boots.
H&M Nail Polishes in Red Nail / Fabulous Nails Honey - £2.99 each.

I shall do a post on the polishes and my collection soon - but heres my first thoughts on the BB cream:

Being brand new to BB creams I was very sceptical, I dont usually like the texture of primers or tinted moisturisers - but this one I had seen reviewed and loved the idea of white liquid turning to coloured base.

Here it is freshly squeezed out of the fabulous pointy tube..its particles must burst when then are rubbed in or something - its genius! Its not thick, quite runny but i actually really like the texture. Its not heavy and makes you feel kind of 'clean'. It completely blended into my hand no bother...

You can see below the sheen it gives my hand - almost a gold glow. I tried it today for work under my new foundation and I LOVE IT. I will do a proper review with some before (argh!) and after make up shots - which Ive never done before so should be fun!!

Anyway - first thoughts - LOVE IT! a defo repurchase in my eyes!

Lastly, my foundation of choice, always, is this Revlon Colourstay. This time I went for a shade warmer than usual, because I was finding in photos my skin was forever looking so pale and washed out with the previous colour. Hopefully this is more my skin tone. 
Love this - and for anyone looking for a drugstore foundation, I would 100% recommend it. Its buildable, non heavy, matte and doesnt have a horrible smell! 
Though I like the Boujoirs and Rimmels of the counters - I have repurchsed this 5 times now so you can tell i love it.


Hope you all had a fab valentines - I avoided like the plague! God bless Nail Polishes eh! 

Until Tomorrow...

Love Lil xxx

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  1. Great little haul! Great products :) x



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