26 May 2010

It's Romance..

Coral Romance that is! My sister was given a nail polish by my mum and she kindly let me borrow it to blog about! Seeing as i am penniless and Haul-less!...until tomorrow!

The colour is...coral romance. Ive never used rimmels larger brush polishes, but i must say i am definately a big fan!

Ever heard a nail pro tell you the way to self manicure is to do one stroke in the middle, and then one at either side? Well i tried this with normal polish brushes and i was left with patchy nails which needed going over a dozen times!

...But this brush actually lets you do it in three strokes!
Love the colour too, very summery!
Id like to be able to include a price with this post but i've no idea how much it was!

Oh, am i weird that i photoshopped round the edges of my nails ro remove my mistakes?!
What drugstore colours are you loving at the moment?

24 May 2010

12 Questions Tag...

I have been tagged by the lovely Lauren at TheTiaraFits.

1.What shoe size are you?
UK 7 but i have one slightly smaller foot so thats nearer a 6 1/2! Very hard to buy shoes!

2.Where do you work?
For the next 3 days, in the main hospital in Aberdeen, but due to me moving i will as of next week be unemployed! Not for too long i hope!

3.Favorite piece of clothing you own
I love day dresses, my favourite is perhaps my topshop tea dress i got this year. Its on some of my blog pics, it brightens up any day and is quite a classic cut which really suits my shape.

4.Your favorite blog?
Goodness, no way i could choose! I check my google account everyday and read all the new posts, so im on top of everything you guys say! Keep up the good work!!

5.Do you have any pets?
I have had cats all my life! At one point we had 13 cats as my mum fostered them! I love cats, and now me and my bf have our own cat Jack :)

6.How many siblings do you have?
I have a sister Daisy and a brother Adam! though i dont see them much!

7.If you could live anywhere where would it be?
Portsmouth, and as of next week this will happen! Maybe when im there it will change to Australia but its good enough for me right now!

8.What were you doing before this?
About to go to bed before my nightshift tonight!

9.Your favorite food?
Probably Spaghetti Bolognaise! Though i love most foods especially nandos!

10.Do you have a middle name?
Yes it's Sarah.

11.Your favorite websites?
Facebook, ASOS, Mac, Youtube to watch make up tutorials, Ebay!

12.Who do you tag?

I tag..




Summer Dress Help!

Its payday on thursday and ive been looking online at some dresses to buy for nights out!
I havent really got many summer going out dresses, the weathers never that great in aberdeen , but seeing as im moving i figure its time to invest in some more wearable items for sunny portsmouth!

Here are some i have my eye on...

BooHoo £21

BooHoo £25

MissGuided £23.99

MissGuided £26.99

MissGuided £18.99

MissGuided £26.99

MissGuided £49.99

Tfnc £35 at Asos

MissGuided £21.99

Hopefully by payday i will have decided which ones to buy!
Oh and how nice it is to see such lovely dresses most for under £30! Im a lipsy virgin, and i think its a bit ridiculour spending £50+ on one dress! Yey for BooHoo and MissGuided!
Which ones do you like the best?
Do you know any other cheap but very cheerful dress websites? If so please let me know as my search continues!...

A Make Up Bag Tutorial...

Hello ladies!

So today, because i am all packed up to move, and i had nothing else to do...I made a bag for a lady at work. Her and I always talk fabric, sewing, projects etc. so i promised her before i finish work on friday i would make her a little bag!

This is a bag which i only recently started making, it has no visible seams or stitching, so it looks very professional and makes a prefect gift! You really cant go wrong with this bag!

I thought i'd record the process i go through, to share with you all and for my own personal reference!

So here we go...

What you'll need:

Fabric (one for the outer and one for lining)
A zip of your preffered length
Measuring Tape
Tracing paper (i use greasproof paper!)
Sewing machine or a good old sewing needle.

Step 1

Your zip should be the chosen length of the opening of your bag. Mine is around 25cm. You need to create a pattern for which your bag will be based around. The shown pattern works very well for creating perfect corners, so i advise trying to copy the above pattern on your tracing paper.

Step 2

You then need to cut this pattern out of your fabric. The best way to do this is to place the traing paper on top of your fabric, pin it down and cut around. Then once you have this shape, you need three more. You should end up with two lining shapes and two outer shapes.

Step 3

Check your lining and outer fabric match up, and check that the top edge is the same length as your zip.

Step 4

You then need to lay your two pieces of fabric on top of the zip (zip facing up, outer lining facing down) and pin these together ready for sewing.

Step 5

Once you sew these in a straight line, if you turn the outer fabric right side up, the zip will be neatly attached with no visible seam or stitching.
Repeat this for the other side of the zip so that you end up with something like this...

It is a good idea to press the bag at this stage to smooth out any creases before we begin to form the shape.

Step 6

You then need to separate your lining and outer fabrics, so the zip is sandwhiched between the two. (so have the linings lying on top of each other and the outer fabrics also lying on top of each other, right sides inwards)

You need to open the zip before doing this, so it can be turned inside out without any problems!

You need to stich all three straight edges of both fabrics, making sure the zip is included in the stitching, joining it all together.

It should look something like this...(dont stitch the little cut out corner bits, only the three straight edges!)

Step 7

When sewing the bottom edge of the lining fabric, be sure to leave a small gap so you can turn the fabric inside out, otherwise you'll end up with a hollow inside out bag, unable to turn it inside out!!

Step 8

Next step is the corners. Take the corner in your hand, and shift the fabric so that instead of a triangle cut out, you have a straight line with seams in the middle.
(hard to explain but the pictures show it clearly!)

Pin this edge, and stitch right across it. After this, press the corners in the correst position, this will create the boxy bag shape we are aiming for, and allow it to have a square base to stand on!

Step 9

Once all corners are done in this way, you should have this hollow bag shape. The next thing is to find the hole you left in the lining and slowly turn the whole bag inside out, through this hole. Then find the zip and arrange the bag to sit how it looks below...

So there we have a finished make up bag!! I hope this was easy to understand, and even if you're not going to try it, i hope it enlightened you to the process i use to make these cute little bags!

If you made it to this stage...thanks for reading!! :)

21 May 2010

Do You Tattoo?

I love tattoo's, i love to look at them and i love to get them. I can quite happily sit for hours on Flickr and browse other peoples cute/weird/original tattoos!

I have three myself, My first was when i was 17...i got this purely because i wanted to say i had a tatto! It wasnt the best design, but it was something i made up myself and i wanted all my tattoos to be original.

Its is a basic...squiggle? It sits on my lower stomach and is around 3 1/2 inches long.

My second was inspired by cheryl cole, not that i particularly love her, i just loved her tattoo! I thought about this tattoo for ages...not sure what exactly to get, but i found a picture of a butterfly i liked on flickr and recreated it. I like this one, its simple and isnt wildly noticable.

I like that if im on my phone in town, people get a quick glimpse, and you can always see them double take.

My newest one i got last summer in portugal, I love this one! Its so pretty and ive always wanted a writing tattoo. The words of the beatles song seemed so right, i LOVE the song! It looks very cute with pumps and skinny jeans or with heels and a tan!

I am contemplating my next one, perhaps a behind the ear one,
or side of the wrist.

Do you have any tattoos? Or any fave tattoo pics?

Cherry on top :)

A few days ago i recieved the Cherry on Top award from the lovely Rachel, go follow her blog its lovely :)


1. Thank the person that gave this to you :) Go on, give them a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself ♥
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to :)

Three things i love about myself...

1) I love that i can occupy myself with a sewing machine and pretty fabric, and turn it into something beautiful.

2) I love that my teeth are straight after four years of braces!

3) I love my tattoos!...slightly fading and greenish as they may be!

This is a pic i love, my family and me at my graduation meal. What a perfect day :)

The blogs i tag are...

Plum Dressing
Rosie Tint
Topshop Princess
Paris Boutique

All these blogs are fabulous :)

14 May 2010

Skincare Routine...

Here is my skincare routine which i go through everyday after work. I go through a LOT of cotton wool pads every month!! I just hate my skin feeling dirty!

Firstly i use Botanics eye remover, half oil and half water it does a wonderful job of removing everything!

Then i use this Loreal make up remover/toner. I dont use it as a toner though. Its an excellent make up remover, and has such a nice clean smell. I am nearly out of this but i spied it in superdrug for £5 so i will definately be repurchasing.

Then i will was my face, usually with st ives apricot cleaner (not pictured), and use the body shop facial brush to exfoliate as i go!

When i dont use the st ives, i use Macs volcanic ash exfoliator for a deeper clean!

I then tone with Botanics toner, i love this and it makes my face feel just that extre bit clean!

I then use Cliniques dramatically different moisturizing gel, which im also nearly out of! I love love love this stuff, it makes my face so smooth and its such a nice base for make up.

Or if its night time i will apply olays double action night cream, this is so lovely to apply because its so thick, you feel like you're going to bed super moisturised!

So that was my skincare routine! If anyone knows of a better/cheaper alternative to cliniques dramatically different gel, please let me know!! :)

Make Up Storage

Here is a sneak peek at some of my make up. This isnt everything, all my foundations, powders, bronzers and mac palette are stored in another travel case thing, but its a bit filthy to show right now! I will clean it and get it on here at some point!!

So i bought two sets of drawers from ebay, at around £4 each. They are perfect for make up, but i feel like they are getting a bit crowded now, so i may need to upgrade!!

Top drawer...Eyeliners, Primers, Mascaras...

Second Drawer...Mac holiday Palettes, Sleek Palettes,
Mac pigments, Barry M dazzledusts, Gel liners...

Third Drawer...random single eyeshadows! a lot of no.7!

Fourth Drawer...lipsticks, liners, glosses, lipsalves!

Fifth Drawer...Blushers!

Bottom Drawer...False Eyelashes, glue, curlers...

So i know theres not much but i get by! And its building up every payday :)

How do you store your make up?


Well i havent done one of these in what feels like years, so since ive almost finished packing and i needed to apply some slap to head into town, i figured id photo it! Once again apologies for lack of posts recently...packing takes up all my time!

Oh and I had my hair trimmed the other day so its slightly shorter, not that youll really notice!

On my face im wearing...
Bourjoirs 10 hour sleep effect foundation in Rose Clair
Elfs Complexion Perfection
Mememe poppy tint
Urban Decays blush in Quickie (love this!)
Elfs golden bronzer over the top! Not that you can see any of my blush or highlight as the daylight has drowned me out!!

Eyes just kept simple!
Urban decay primer potion
Macs smoke and mirroes palette, spell no.9 all ove the lid and deception in the crease
Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss eyeliner for a double wing (but you cant see it in any of the pics!)
Rimmels curve effect mascara!

Lips originally i had Prestige lipliner in silk all over and then h&m lipgloss in Pink Dreams, which i LOVE and highly recommend for 99p!!
Then i applied Rimmels Tell No One all over for a brighter lip!

My nails are an OLD no7 colour, its a gorgeous goldy pink duochrome effect, i love wearing it and im nearly out!!

Wearing a simple dress from topshop, youve probably seen it before! with tights, leopard pumps and a leather jacket!

I went to town to go and get some topshop make up...it had "make up in store" on the window, but i got in, and nowhere could it be seen!! i was about to ask the assistant after about 10 mins wandering round this pretty massive topshop...and there i spied on top of the retro sweets bit...a line of nail polishes and on the other side a row of ugly lipglosses!!! SO NOT IMPRESSED!!! what a let down! So i shall have to wait to get some topshop make up when i move to portsmouth in two weeks! God damn aberdeens shitty stores!!
So i came away with these cute earrings instead! For £4 i couldnt say no!!

Anyway...hope you are having a lovely day! :)