14 May 2010

Skincare Routine...

Here is my skincare routine which i go through everyday after work. I go through a LOT of cotton wool pads every month!! I just hate my skin feeling dirty!

Firstly i use Botanics eye remover, half oil and half water it does a wonderful job of removing everything!

Then i use this Loreal make up remover/toner. I dont use it as a toner though. Its an excellent make up remover, and has such a nice clean smell. I am nearly out of this but i spied it in superdrug for £5 so i will definately be repurchasing.

Then i will was my face, usually with st ives apricot cleaner (not pictured), and use the body shop facial brush to exfoliate as i go!

When i dont use the st ives, i use Macs volcanic ash exfoliator for a deeper clean!

I then tone with Botanics toner, i love this and it makes my face feel just that extre bit clean!

I then use Cliniques dramatically different moisturizing gel, which im also nearly out of! I love love love this stuff, it makes my face so smooth and its such a nice base for make up.

Or if its night time i will apply olays double action night cream, this is so lovely to apply because its so thick, you feel like you're going to bed super moisturised!

So that was my skincare routine! If anyone knows of a better/cheaper alternative to cliniques dramatically different gel, please let me know!! :)


  1. They do that L'Oreal toner in TJ Hughes for only 2.99 :) xx

  2. Oh my goodness! what is tj hughes? i need to find this for cheap because i go thru it so quick! Thanks!! xx

  3. It's a shop that sells a mix of lots of random stuff! It's a pretty crap shop but it's good for things like beauty products because they have good brands for alot cheaper than say boots or superdrug x

  4. Hey, I just want to let you know I've given you the 'cherry on top' blogging award :)


  5. I love St Ives products! Great makeup collection in your previous post too btw :) xx


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