21 May 2010

Do You Tattoo?

I love tattoo's, i love to look at them and i love to get them. I can quite happily sit for hours on Flickr and browse other peoples cute/weird/original tattoos!

I have three myself, My first was when i was 17...i got this purely because i wanted to say i had a tatto! It wasnt the best design, but it was something i made up myself and i wanted all my tattoos to be original.

Its is a basic...squiggle? It sits on my lower stomach and is around 3 1/2 inches long.

My second was inspired by cheryl cole, not that i particularly love her, i just loved her tattoo! I thought about this tattoo for ages...not sure what exactly to get, but i found a picture of a butterfly i liked on flickr and recreated it. I like this one, its simple and isnt wildly noticable.

I like that if im on my phone in town, people get a quick glimpse, and you can always see them double take.

My newest one i got last summer in portugal, I love this one! Its so pretty and ive always wanted a writing tattoo. The words of the beatles song seemed so right, i LOVE the song! It looks very cute with pumps and skinny jeans or with heels and a tan!

I am contemplating my next one, perhaps a behind the ear one,
or side of the wrist.

Do you have any tattoos? Or any fave tattoo pics?


  1. I currently have 2, and I'm planning my next 2! I'd like a scorpio on my feet and the name of my dog on the side of my body, juste below a boob (=

    I love your tattoo on your feet. So classy!

  2. I have two pawprints on my chest and 3 music notes on my ankle :) I love tattoos too! x

  3. There's a tag for you on my blog :)


  4. I am going to Portugal this year and really want to get my 3rd tat done while i'm out there. Where did you get yours done? :)


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