14 May 2010

Make Up Storage

Here is a sneak peek at some of my make up. This isnt everything, all my foundations, powders, bronzers and mac palette are stored in another travel case thing, but its a bit filthy to show right now! I will clean it and get it on here at some point!!

So i bought two sets of drawers from ebay, at around £4 each. They are perfect for make up, but i feel like they are getting a bit crowded now, so i may need to upgrade!!

Top drawer...Eyeliners, Primers, Mascaras...

Second Drawer...Mac holiday Palettes, Sleek Palettes,
Mac pigments, Barry M dazzledusts, Gel liners...

Third Drawer...random single eyeshadows! a lot of no.7!

Fourth Drawer...lipsticks, liners, glosses, lipsalves!

Fifth Drawer...Blushers!

Bottom Drawer...False Eyelashes, glue, curlers...

So i know theres not much but i get by! And its building up every payday :)

How do you store your make up?


  1. I store my make-up in Muji drawers and thats OK for now if I don't buy too much more ;) lol - I am nosy and love looking at how people store/organise their make-up so great post!! x

  2. I love storage posts, i always get ideas!
    I guess I'm always trying to be mroe organised (failing miserably atm)
    Love your blog by the way :)


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