9 May 2010

Wish List...

I havent posted for a while because im moving in three weeks, and ive been so busy packing and organising and working!! I also have zilch money, so i have done no shopping!!

But here are some things i want...and on my next payday i will buy! So look out for a little haul coming up...

Tangle Teezer! Ive heard sooo much about this product! I want one NOW! My hair is a nightmare, so knotty and it really hurts to brush or comb after a shower. I try to slap on as much conditioner as i can and comb it whilst still in the shower but sometimes even this doesnt help. I WILL be buying one of these and testing it out!

Topshop Make Up! It kills me that i cant go to topshop and buy their make up!

I have my eye on the cream blushes, as does everyone! The mascara and also some nail polishes! I think their packaging looks so cute and i cant wait to get my hands on some!

Superdrugs MUA range, just for the hell of it because its cheap!!

Beaute's Liqui-Gel stain in flouron...£25 for a small tube but pixiwoo's video where sam uses this is amazing and i want want want!!

I need to fill more of my MAC palette because i want to get onto number two! And although i love the colours i own already, it makes me sad that i cant open up a palette and see different colours every morning when i apply my make up! Any recommended colours for me to try next??

I will be losing the internet in around two weeks for my move but im hoping to get a dongle (any suggestions or reviews on dongles greatly appreeciated!!) so i can get back online when im in my new home in portsmouth!!

I am still reading blogs everyday and loving them! So keep up the good work girls!! :):)


(Images from WeHeartIt)


  1. good luck with the move :)

    I want to try a tangle teaser as well, my hair was so knotty, but I've it all chopped off now so I guess it'll be easier to manage.

  2. I have two tangle teezers and I wouldn't touch my hair with any other kind of brush-it's definately worth buying one if your hair tangles easily like mine :) x

  3. Oh excellent, i need good reviews to justify the tenner! I like the sparkly purple one! I hope it helps, because my hairs a nightmare and it makes me want to cut it all off! It will be the first thing i buy with my wages! xx

  4. I agree, the Tangle Teezer seems pretty handy!

    Wow, those two pictures are going straight into my weheartit LOL.

  5. LOVE the Tangle Teezer! :) x


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