24 May 2010

Summer Dress Help!

Its payday on thursday and ive been looking online at some dresses to buy for nights out!
I havent really got many summer going out dresses, the weathers never that great in aberdeen , but seeing as im moving i figure its time to invest in some more wearable items for sunny portsmouth!

Here are some i have my eye on...

BooHoo £21

BooHoo £25

MissGuided £23.99

MissGuided £26.99

MissGuided £18.99

MissGuided £26.99

MissGuided £49.99

Tfnc £35 at Asos

MissGuided £21.99

Hopefully by payday i will have decided which ones to buy!
Oh and how nice it is to see such lovely dresses most for under £30! Im a lipsy virgin, and i think its a bit ridiculour spending £50+ on one dress! Yey for BooHoo and MissGuided!
Which ones do you like the best?
Do you know any other cheap but very cheerful dress websites? If so please let me know as my search continues!...


  1. I like the Miss Guided navy, white and pinks ones (All in a row), I also love the floral one from Asos ^^ x

  2. Aahh they are such pretty dresses! My favourite is the pink one shoulder grecian style dress - so gorgeous! xx

  3. Ah, now this is more my area of expertise!

    Some lovely dresses there - if you like Boohoo, then I recommend you take a look at www.chiarafashion.co.uk - free delivery & free returns, so definitely worth checking out!

    Good luck in finding something :)


  4. The first Missguided one with the pink graphic print - its lush!! x


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