26 May 2010

It's Romance..

Coral Romance that is! My sister was given a nail polish by my mum and she kindly let me borrow it to blog about! Seeing as i am penniless and Haul-less!...until tomorrow!

The colour is...coral romance. Ive never used rimmels larger brush polishes, but i must say i am definately a big fan!

Ever heard a nail pro tell you the way to self manicure is to do one stroke in the middle, and then one at either side? Well i tried this with normal polish brushes and i was left with patchy nails which needed going over a dozen times!

...But this brush actually lets you do it in three strokes!
Love the colour too, very summery!
Id like to be able to include a price with this post but i've no idea how much it was!

Oh, am i weird that i photoshopped round the edges of my nails ro remove my mistakes?!
What drugstore colours are you loving at the moment?


  1. I love that colour! I've never tried Rimmel polishes but if it has a good brush then i'll probably love it :)
    I've tagged you on my blog :)

  2. nice color! ive been looking for that color for a long time now. I shall buy one =) you should try the new MAC nail polish from the to the Beach collection its called scorcher- its a corally red too! =) hoe you could follow my blog as well. =)


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