5 February 2013

Cross Stitch'n the Days Away

So as I mentioned in my previous post - I have started Cross Stitchin. Well I say started - thats an understatement!! I 'Started' months ago - technically this wasnt finished in 2012 but I have stiched the year now and theres no going back!!

My friend at work so kindly taught me how to Cross Stitch, Id seen some examples from Victoria at LilyLovesLola, shes fab at them, and totally my style! 
I started off with a small silhouette of a lady, but she went a bit wrong and looks like she had a beard!

Anyway for my next one I decided to try something more lengthy. Here is what I Chose and my progress so far :)

(Threads given to me by my friend - Thank you!)

Hope you like - I need to get into gear and finish it before 2014!! :) 

Love Lil xx


  1. I used to love Cross Stitch but I haven't done it for ages, I think I should start again! x


  2. Do It! Its so therapeutic and relaxing! And time consuming :S xxx

  3. Do you find cross stitching easy?! We found some that my grandma had started and I plan to finish one for my grandad for christmas this year. So worried I will ruin it!!!

    Em x

  4. Oh, I just spotted my name. Thank you for the mention! I'm glad you have got into cross stitching, it's so relaxing! x

  5. It really is Vic! I love it! I keep buying kits that I love, especially the Gorjuss ones!

    Thats sooo special Emma. I love that Idea, He will love it. Just go for it, she would love you for completing it!



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