5 February 2013

Tattoo Tuesdays 05/02/13

I have decided - as I am a MASSIVE tattoo fan - to start a Tattoo Tuesday feature. I have seen these on blogs and I love them. 
I will pick one tattoo every Tuesday and post it on my blog. 

My favourite source for Tattoos is http://fyeahtattoos.com/archive Its one long continuous page of tattoos. Quirky, Sentimental, Massive, Girly, Arty tattoos from all over. In fact I have posted my tattoos on here a few times - though Ive never seen them on the page :(

Todays tattoo is My own. I got this done last October, I had wanted it done for years but never got round to it. I found one tattoo I liked from fyeah - then googled similar images so I could give them to my local tattoo shop to design my own. 

The three drawings below are the actual designs I took in:

This is the original image that inspired my choice. Im so glad she had hers or I never would have had mine :)

This is the design that the lovely fella at Zooz Tattoos in Portsmouth designed for me. I didnt see it until the day before and was so nervous about it in case I had to tell him to change bits! 

But I absolutely loved it :)

Here is my tattoo a few hours after getting it done.
It took three hours in total - and cost £120 which is amazing for the size and shading of it!
It didnt hurt getting it done - I bled a lot but he complimented my sit-still ability :)

I kept it covered for a few hours, cleaned it and covered it with Bepanthen. I then let nature take its course and it healed in a few days with regular coats of cream and gentle washes. 

Here it is a few days after, still red but not sore :) 

An Instagram piccie for my FB. 

...And this was taken a few days ago :) I still love it, and It catches my eye whenever I look in the mirror as it comes over my shoulder slightly. 

I hope you all love it as much as I do...I would recommend waiting  a year before getting a tattoo. I have chopped and changed my mind over so many designs over the years - But once you know the one for you - wait a year and if you still love the idea of it then - get it! 

I really want a Pin Up Girl for my next one - havent decided where or who yet, but I found a brilliant Pin Up design website and am choosing from a few I love <3 p="">

Love Lil xxx


  1. Looks lovely!
    Melina xx


  2. I don't have any tattoos and don't often see ones I like but your is lovely. It's such a nice design and worth every penny!

  3. Thanks girls :) I love it so. xx

  4. Great floral designs, Lotus flower design in the back portion of your body is also awesome for ladies like us. ^^


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