4 February 2011

Patchwork Blanket

My first project of the year was a patchwork blanket..not quite a quilt...but big enough to snuggle under :)

Here is the process in pictures...

Cut out 150 squares of around 15cm by 15cm. (I used about 15 different fabrics)

End up with a pile like this...

Lay the squares out in a favoured pattern..I tried to mix and match the colours so it was varied...

Find a backing fabric...I used this fleece which was a bargain at £2 from tesco, and fitted my needs perfectly!

Sew strips of squares, then sew the strips together...I prefer the not so perfect look, so none of my squares match up perfectly...

And here is the finished blanket! Its so cosy with the fleece on the back, and super colourful!

My next mission is a full sized double quilt...In fact im starting this weekend :)

p.s I havent been around much lately, My laptops broken so its hard to get on and post! :)

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  1. hey hun, welcome back!

    ooh cant wait to see it, in fact, it was your blanket that inspired my patchwork quilt (that is slowly taking shape!)

    did you get your blog award?


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