8 January 2010


Yesterday the postman also brought me a delivery of ELF stuff i had ordered.

I have heard lots of good things about this company, especially the price, so i thought id give them a whirl! The website is really good, i like how theres a 'studio', 'mineral' and 'basics' section, i preferred the studio line myself.

So i got: Complexion Perfection...which is a pressed powder in four shades but in the same compact. You can use just one or two colours for specific problem areas or just the whole palette across the whole face as i did! I used it on top of my foundation before blusher and highlighter and i loved it. My foundation tends to leave my skin slightly tacky looking, so i like the mattifying effect i got with the powder! It was only £3.50 so very cheap, and is comparable to mac powders i have used in the past!

I also got a blush in Candid Coral...havent actually used this one yet but it looks a nice coral colour and also very cheap so cant wait to use it!

Next i got the Shimmering palette which i hadnt heard too much about but thought id try anyway! I love it!! i used it on my cheeks for extra highlight and under my brows! It is like a cream/very soft powder and goes on great with a fluff brush or just the finger works great too!! It has 4 colours in the palette but each one would suit the face or eyes! or perhaps even lips!

Then i got the Contouring blush and Bronzing powder! This i loved! The shimmer on both of the products is amazing!! and for contouring, highlighting and blushing this is a great duo!! At only £3.50 again!! i cannot recommend this highly enough!

I had heard that the bronzers they did were great, so i went for the golden one as i have quite fair skin! i LOVE this, it didnt really bronze my face which was good, it just gave me an all over shimmer, but not as in too much, it was just right and i love it! If i wanted a darker one or if i were wearing tan i would use the darker one but this one was perfect for me! and again...£3.50!!

I also got a lipstick from their mineral range which is natural nymph! when i took it out i thought it looked quite peachy but in comparison to a lot of my other lippys its quite pinky. I love this and wore it all day yesterday even though im ill right now! And i find a lot of lipsticks leave my lips broken and visibly so...but this didnt! it matted them right out which is a nice look on my lips.

Last but not least i got a brush which i have heard on youtube so many times is great...the flat top powder brush!! I have to say i really do like it! I used it with the contouring powder and then for all over with the golden bronzer and it was great!

I will look at buying ELF again for definite! such great value for money! I will probably stick to the studio line though, as i think their packaging is more sleek and high end looking! I also want to try their mineral range as ive not had much experience with minerals as yet!

Oh and just to add...these 7 products including delivery came to £27 which...everyone must agree...is fantastic!! plus the delivery was super fast and if you buy right now and spend over £15 you get a free mini kit which looks like it has everything in it!! ...wish i had waited til now to order!! oh well i can just get it on my next shop! :)

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