19 January 2010


Today i went shopping! Although this post is called jewellery...i didnt buy any! i just looked...and looked! and then looked some more! A new shop has opened in Aberdeen called Outfit, which is warehouse, dorothy perkins, miss selfridge and a few other shops combined! The jewellery section is massive and i loved it all! I will go back and purchase some, but it got me thinking about my own jewellery collection!

I used to keep my earring all jumbled in an pot and my bangles the same. Never showing them off or being able to wear them because they were all tangled! So i bought a tray from Hobbycraft and organised my earrings into it! I then took my kitchen roll holder and used this to put my bangles on! Not a bad idea i thought, and it was just the right size! I put all my rings in one section of the tray, but i would prefer a ring cushion to hold them in, so i shall see what i can find when im next out!

I also thought id share some of my favourite bits!

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