8 January 2010


Hello. So yesterday was a day off work for me and i had some goodies in the mail!
Firstly, ive been into sewing for a few weeks now and although i like the little day projects i want one which will take a little longer to complete! So...im going for a patchwork quilt! Or maybe not quite so big as a quilt...a patchwork blanket? So ive been trawling through ebay to find good deals on patchwork squares! I love ebay but i tend to only use it for 'Buy Now' products! im so inpatient!
A lot of the patchwork square lots on ebay are bidding so i didnt look at them so much, and there are lots of ugly fabrics out there too!! I found one lady who sells only square cuts, not by the metre so they were perfect for my needs, as i wanted 4" squares for mine! I ordered two sets of 40 squares! They were both mixed florals and i liked them a lot...so yesterday they came and i spent a bit of time arranging them in a way i liked. Its not quite big enough yet so i dont want to start sewing them together until i have the correct size i want. But already i love it and cant wait to get sewing!!

The picture probably isnt great quality, but i had to darken it in photoshop so you can see the flowers!
I was in town the other day also and picked up some wadding from john lewis for just £2 a metre! quite cheap i thought!

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  1. hi! i love this post and you have inspired me to make my own quilt! please can you tell me which tutorial u followed? i can't find one on Youtube that looks uncomplicated!


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