4 January 2010

Knitty Gritty...

I started knitting when i was younger, my mum taught me very patiently! Everytime i messed up she fixed it, and this was a regular occurence!! I picked up the knitting needles last year, and attempted a nice scarf...as you can see it didnt turn out so well!!

So i was shopping for some fabric in Dunelm Mill, and came across the wool, which was all for sale and lots of pretty colours! So i went for a nice warm grey colour which will go with most of my jackets! perfect for this snowy weather! I have since started a new scarf with this wool and some newly purchased needles! ... As you can see its going a lot better than my last attempt!! Hopefully when its finished i will accesorise it with some pom poms or vintage buttons or lace! I love knitting, its so relaxing and similar to reading a great book that you just can put down!

I was in John Lewis today buying some more fabric in the sales and their wool was also in the sale!! I bought two balls of this lovely burgundy colour, which would look great as a hat with a black crochet flower on or some mittens with vintage buttons on!! I hope to sell some of the projects i make so watch this space again!!

Does anyone know where to get lots of vintage buttons? apart from ebay?

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