4 January 2010


So there are lots of posts today! Ive been a busy Lil!

For my birthday i got the Cath Kidston, Sew! book from my mum and i have been wanting to try some of the projects on my new sewing machine.

The book came with a pre cut bag, so i finally got round to making that...

I love this bag, although its a lot smaller than you think its going to be.
It only took me a few hours to make the bag so i was happy, and its now home to a lot of my cotton reels and trimmings!

I went to Dunelm Mill and John lewis, and found some really pretty fabrics in the sale! So i snapped them up! I also bought Bias Binding which i'd never heard of before so it was an experience using this for the first time!! I also got some zips because i wanted to make some storage bags for my sewing bits and bobs!

So here is what i made today! I loved making the pencil case, its so pretty with the two fabrics i chose and am thrilled with it, considering it was only my third sewing project! I then made the apron which was from the CK book also, i love it and will wear it for doing housework!! The pockets are a great size for cloths and dusters and sprays so i will feel like a right cleaner with it on!! I am going to make a smaller version of this for a make up brush roll! Im in desperate need of something to keep my brushes in, and i will be able to accesorize it with vintage brooches and such!

I love my new found hobby of sewing! I've never had a hobby before so im in my element and having the festive days off work has helped!

I shall keep posting pics up of my projects...

Oh and one last thing!...i made this garland after being inspired by Kirstie Allsopps Homemade Christmas programme on Ch4. I love her, she is so inspirational and i forced my bf to watch it with me!! The next day i went out and bought loads of felt to make this garland! Its a bit tatty on the edges as its not quite finished but it has tiny bells sewed onto it so it jingles and the cat loves it!! I was pleased with this garland as it was my first time using the blanket stitch.

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