10 January 2010


Having a gander on etsy.com i was plunged into a pool of 'i want i want i want!'. I have never bought anthing off there before, however i think its time to start! I found some gorgeous old plates, cutlery, jewellery, furniture, linens and so on. Below are some photos of the gorgeous items i liked, and some Flickr photos of decor i love.

Etsy is an american homemade store where there are literlly thousands and thousands of items! Some gorgeous, some not quite so. All unique and i love that. All prices are in USD, which is quite nice as when you work out the GBP, you realise its not so much afterall! I want to start a collection of quirky but pretty plates, to use but also to hang on the wall. The first picture i have posted is so inspirational to me, and when i saw it it jumped right out at me and one day 'when i grow up' i hope to have a collection like this!

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