4 January 2010


Whilst i had the camera out i thought id also share some of my favourite things from my flat! Mostly just silly personal things but they're very me, so hopfully give you an insight into what i like!

I have lots of bits and pieces that hang from odds and ends in my flat! Its a rented flat, so the decor isnt exactly my taste and i cant do much about it! Apart from accesorize! This i am a big fan of. The above flutterby was a gift tag on presents i sent last year and i had one left. They were bougt at The Pier where i used to work until it closed down!

This heart was bought for me a week ago for my 23rd birthday by my friend susie! I love hanging hearts and she knows this, i also got from her a heart necklace made from glass which is gorgeous!

This heart was bought in my favourite shop in aberdeen, AnnieMo's. It sells quaint and chic items but also contemporary furniture. I love this shop and one day when im rich i want to buy everything from there! I bought a few of these button hearts and have then hanging from the broken handles in the kitchen! I'd like to make some myself when i can get my hands on some vintage buttons, im thinking cream and gold ones with gorgeous ribbon!...watch this space!

My mum bought me this heart for my birthday also, i love it and its very my style!, its currently hanging on the big heavy cabinet which the tv sits on, so i see it all the time which i love!

And...last but not least...this is my cat jack in my new sewing machines box!! Its quite a snug fit and i laughed when i found him there! He loves boxes so ill let him keep it!

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