19 January 2010

Pallette time...

For Christmas i got my first MAC Pallette! I had a few MAC single eyeshadows before this so i depotted them and put them in. I also bout 5 new ones off the MAC website! So here it is so far! Quite a way to go but at least its a start! I hope to get a really great pallette i can use all the time. Being dark haired and green eyed i tend not to wear blues on my eyes as i find it doesnt quite go. So i try to stick neutral, i love browns especially.

So here i have...from top Shroom, Retrospeck, Omega, (Top)Honesty, Woodwinked, Antiqued, and then at the other side i have Scene and one which i dont know the name of because i forgot to take the sticker off after i depotted!! First timer faux pas #1! But i love the way the colours all work so well with each other, i especially love Omega in the crease as its matte and suitable for every occasion! I hope to get my hands on Cranberry as it will go nice with my eyes. As for other colours, i shall just have to try and see! Its hard not having a MAC store here, if god loved me he would have given us one, but alas he hasnt! So the internet it is! God bless ebay ;)

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