4 January 2010


So i was contemplating packing up my christmas tree tonight!...turns out i didnt want to! So i photographed it instead. I then remembered about some items i made when i was younger for our christmas 'decor'...decided to share them with you!...

This is a clay candle holder i made when i was in primary school! My mum kept it all these years, i must have been no more than 5 when i made it! it even has my name scrawled into the bottom of it. I love memorable items like this, and so glad my mum let me have it for my christmas box this year!...

This is a felt stocking i made when i was 15! My first experience with a sewing machine, quite good i thought! This was made in my home economics class and i loved making it! I'd like to make some slightly better and slightly less tacky ones for next year! I love personal stockings and think itll be a great little project for during the year.

And this is my christmas tree! Lovingly destroyed day by day, by my cat jack! and lovingly restored day by day, by me! Its held up quite well so im glad! Probably pack it up tomorrow :(

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