7 October 2010

Rest and Relaxation

I have been doing some soul searching this week, after the break down of my relationship and the loss of my job last week. I have spent the past week getting away from it all, on the Isle of Wight.

I have been spending my days researching brands, collecting pictures of items i love, doing lots of sewing and fabric buying!
One day i hope to own my own gift shop, shabby chic in style of course :)

Here are some pics of things i love...

I also love this cushion, and have decided to try and recreate it...

I have sewn all the strips together, and once i find a cushion pad the same sort of length, i will form it into a nice snuggly pillow for my new life :)

I have been on the Isle of Wight for a week now, trying to get over my ex, and looking for a new job! My gran lives here, and as she used to be a seamstress, she has given me loads of lovely bits and bobs for my bag making. She is very talented, and i am so greatful for all the lovely things she gave me. As you can see there's loads! and im taking home another three carrier bags of fabric. Love it :)

Some really goregous lace trimmings.

Some vintage sewing reels from when she worked in a factory.

Lots of lovely buttons :)
Zips and lovely net fabrics.
Lots of padding and Interfacing :)

And my small pile of bags, which i hope to photograph properly soon :)
Please let me know if there are any ideas for project you have, or would like to see me try!
I am trying to broaden my project range, and develop new sewing skills!

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