5 March 2013

Tattoo Tuesday 05/03/13

This weeks Tattoo Tuesday will share the 'Swallow'.

I love this tattoo - and after googling it - I now know the several meanings for having it:

1 - One swallow was tattooed on a sailor who sailed 5,000 nautical miles. Two swallows meant 10,000 miles travelled. 

2 - Swallow with dagger in heart - Friend lost at sea.

3 - Bird on Hand or Neck - Jailbird.

4 - A sailor gets a set of swallows on his chest, The story goes if he or she drowns, the swallows come down and lift his soul to the heavens. 

I imagine these girls below dont have it for any of the above reasons - I think perhaps they just like the designs same as me :)

Do you like these?? Would the meanings put you off having one?

(All images from Weheartit or Fuckyeahtattoos)

Lil xxx

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  1. I love the wrist one and the first one!
    For the meanings I probably wouldn't have it.. but for it's beauty then heck yeah!

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