14 November 2010

Favourite Products right now...

I havent been doing much cosmetics shopping recently, Mainly funding issues, and also i didnt really seem to have run out of anything.
However, all in one week i ran out of my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation AND My Rimmel SexyCurves mascara! So off to superdrug i went..

The first of my purchases was a well thought out buy, no impulses here. I had seen this foundation advertised on a few blogs, and wanted to try it myself.
I have to say i'm very inbetween with this. It is very drying and if not applied quickly, can go blotchy and really really unsightly.

But if applied well, this can be a perfect foundation. Its not at all greasy like all the other bourjois foundations i have tried. Plus its matte, so not much need for powder . The colour on me is perfect (52 Vanilla) and i love the packaging.

I'll try post some piccies of this when i can.

Next up i got a product Sam from Pixiwoo was raving about on her latest vid. Sleeks Rose Gold blush.
I love this. Its so shimmery and loaded with colour, you need very little on the brush. Big fan, I hope they bring more of these out!

I also got Collection 2000's Big Fake mascara. Mainly because of the price, but also because i LOVE a huge wand! I used to love love love Diorshow mascara because of the huge brush, but this is even better and a fraction of the price! (£4.99!)

I love this (suprise suprise)It makes my lashes full and thick and because its Ultra Black, It makes my eyes really stand out.

I can never have enough H&M Nail polishes...i could rave about these to anyone! I love the colours and the wands and the packaging...and the opaqueness of them!
They are fab! Although...the price has raised recently as im sure they never used to be 2.99!

I love a quick fix, and when i being lazy and cant be bothered to cleanse my face at the sink, i use this water make up remover with cotton pads. Its fabulous for removing all traces of face and eye make up, and its sensitive so it doesnt make my skin sting!..fabulous :)

Lastly i bought these earrings from River Island, a bit of a treat..i love :)

Lil x

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