28 November 2010

My Week in Pictures...

...Or should i say my 'recent' weeks in pictures!
I've been quite busy these past few weeks, hence not many posts! But i have returned once again with some pictures of recent antics, and some stories to tell :)
Firstly, to follow on from my last post about my new found love of cushion making, I made this Cushion for my friends birthday...i was meant to give her the blue one i made in the last post..but i figured it wouldnt go in her flat, so i made this cute white one :)
I added little burgandy roses that i found in fabric land. I love it, it was cheap cheap cheap to make, and so easy :)

Last week i moved house.. I now live in a house share, so only really have my room to myself. Which i quite like :)
I spent last weekend unpacking my bags and hanging all my homely bits. I have gathered many hanging hearts from lots of different places, and i love them all, i hung every single one!
I also made some bunting last weekend, (in the first pic below) it super cheap to make, in fact it cost me nothing! I will make a tutorial on this next weekend...

I have also been on a few christmassy trips after work these past few weeks...its so nice to get out and about, despite the cold weather.

The pics below are of two trips i went on...One to Keydell garden centre where there was every decoration and light you ould possibly imagine! Every colour of tinsel! And..some cute donkeys!

I also went to Stansted house for a chrismas market..which was held inside the big mansion. It was so pretty and christmassy! And there was some horses dressed as reindeer pulling santa along!

So charming :)

Last but not least...i went to a fancy dress party..here i am in my maid costume...in the toilet :)

Have you guys been to any christmas fairs or markets yet?

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I will be taking part in a christmas handmade fair in a couple of weeks, so expect some crafty pictures and tutorials in the coming week :)

Lil xx

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