5 December 2010

Cushions Cushions Everywhere!

Today i made some xmas presents...cushions

This pretty burgundy one , in the same style as previous ones. So easy to make and so pretty :)

This one i made for myself, out of strips of some of my fabric! I love it. I have filled it with toy stuffing, so its sooooo comfy and soft :) I love the velvet strips and the colour graduation...

Im thinking a ruffled one like this would be pretty!

And lastly a few pics of some inspirational cushions...Im loving the large red rose one!

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Lil xx


  1. Such wonderful cushions! You are a very clever lady :D x

  2. yeah!! the rose one really stands out but I think if you sleep on it, you'll flatten the petals lol

  3. so talented:)
    these look adorable!! x

  4. oooh i love the red rose covered one!!


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