11 December 2010

Pretty Bunting Tutorial

This is a really easy tutorial for making pretty bunting. It can be used to decorate rooms, stalls and even cars (yes im thinking car window bunting!)

What you will need...

Fabric..This can be all the same colour, or different patterns as i have gone for.
Scissors..for cutting out your triangles.
A cardboard triangle template...Mine is 14cm at top, and 16 on either side.

Some Bias Binding (170cm) in the colour of your choice (really cheap from fabric shops)

Cotton in a matching or contrasting colour to your bunting.

...Sewing machine is optional but very quick if you have one!

Lets get started!...

Firstly you will need to choose your fabrics, I chose ten as this makes a nice length of bunting.

Place your triangle on the fabric and cut out, leaving a cm either side of the cardboard. You can save fabric by turning the triangle upside down each time you cut.

You will need two fabric triangles per bunting triangle (does that make sense?) for front and back!

You should end up with something that looks like this...

Next, place correct sides together and sew down each side - not the top!!

(Quick tip for sewing machine users..Sew down one side, At the bottom of the triangle keep the needle in and turn the fabric - saves time and having to sew each side separately!)

Trim the excess and turn inside out. Press with an iron to keep flat.

Repeat this for all sets of triangles!

Next you will need to work out which order you want your triangles and fold the bias binding over each of the triangle tops. It makes it way easier to do this all in advance and pin in place, like below :)

Sew all triangles onto the bias, making sure it is always folded correctly, and the triangle is sandwiched inbetween! I just do one continuous sewing strip, and sew together the empty bias inbetween each triangle. This will save you a lot of time over sewing each one in individually!

And here is the finished bunting!

Let me know if you make this yourself as i would love to see pictures!!

Lil x


  1. I love this!! I love how something simple like this can make a room gorgeous. You're talented! xo

  2. I'm going to give this a try! I love your tutorials x

  3. I love buntings! They looks so pretty in a room. I made one for a friend for her christmas present and sewed her name on it ^-^ x

  4. oh, i love this! i'll definitely make one for myself and then some for my friends. thanks for sharing. :)


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