12 December 2010

Hot Water Bottle Cover Tutorial

Remember that kilt i bought in a charity shop a few months back for £1? There i was, sat thinking about what to make next...and so here it is...padded quilt hot water bottle cover :)

You will need:

Outer Fabric (Kilt)
Padding/wadding - very cheap from john lewis or fabric shops!
Inner/Lining Fabric (Strawberry)
Thread (try and make this the same colour as your outer fabric!
Bias Binding - not much, about 50cm!
Greaseproof/tracing paper.
Sewing machine optional, but a lot faster with one!!
Lets Get Started!!...
First, draw around your hot water bottle, leaving a 2cm gap round the edge all the way round.
Do this onto greaseproof/tracing paper as it is easy to work with.

Pin this to your fabric and cut out one whole one, a small half for the top and a larger bottom half, so that when placed on top of the whole one, they overlap.

Next place your cut out sides onto the wadding and cut out - leaving a gap of about an inch all the way round. Do this for all three pieces.

Next do the same with the lining/inner fabric. In the end you should have a sandwich seen below.

Pin this sandwich together and then carefully sew together.

Bias bind together the two straight edges from the broken half.

Lay the whole piece, right side up, and place the smaller piece on top right side down. then the larger broken piece also right side down. So that when all turned inside out, the outer fabric only is showing.

Sew round all edges carefully, The machine will go through this as its all thin fabric!
Turn inside out and voila!!

I know mines not perfect, but its my first attempt and i love it!...
Another christmas present in the bag!!
Lil x


  1. Great post ^-^. I want to try and make this but i've been putting off buying the wadding :P

  2. this is great Lil! and it looks really professional! i love that strawberry fabric, its too cute :)


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