14 November 2010

Frills and things...

Its my best friends birthday next week, so instead of buying something i figured i'd make her something special.

Unsure of what to make, i took to the internet for ideas and inspiration.

I found this amazing cushion on google images, and luckily it turned out there was a tutorial to go with it!...Click here for it...Amazing!

So here is my effort and interpretation.

I had to change some of the measurements slightly, and used 5 ruffles instead of 4...I think its gorgeous and i'd love it myself!

I definately want to make more cushions like this, and for my first effort i'm really impressed with how it's turned out!

Do you know any other pretty frilly cushion tutorials?

Lil x

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  1. wow!!!so cool! i'd be well impressed to receive this as a gift!very cute!


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