1 February 2010

Boots Boots Boots!

Another shopping trip and more goodies! Taking my make up off is so important to me, as with most people. I do it before bed or before if its irritating me. Lately i have been using wipes but i get bored so i thought id try and mix it up a bit! I have been using Loreals De-Maq expert eye and face make up remover cream for a while as well, I use it on cotton wool pads and on i go, but i did feel it left my skin feeling a bit milky so i wanted a toner for afterwards which would refresh my skin before my moisturiser! I have used botanics products before and love the brand itself. Their hair dyes are very good and also their face masks so i bought the soothing toner and brightening eye make up remover.

I tried the eye make up remover first. On first appearance i thought it was a nice oil/water product, so i shook it up , put it on cotton wool and proceeded to take off my heavy eye make up from that day. I will not lie, this product is VERY oily! Not a product you want to use anywhere other than your eyes, i found that even if i went a bit far outwith my eye area it was a horrible feeling! Im not a fan of oily products at all, i think this is due to my long hair and i dont like the feeling of it possibly transferring onto it. So i use this product on the day when i will wash my hair in the morning, and the Loreal De-Maq on the days where i will just re-style my hair the next day! I must say though that despite the oilyness it did remove every single trace of product on my eyes and left them feeling wonderful. I then use the Toner to remove all trace of the oil and to soothe my skin. I love the toner, it smells lovely and you can really tell it works and removes any leftover residue of make up, by looking at the pad afterwards! Yuk!..(also i this pic is Ruby and Millies nail varnish in Red 430p, a really lovely colour which i have put a close up pic of in another post!, and a burgundy eyeliner from revlon which i picked up!)

So altogher a thumbs up for botanics! After visiting the botanics range i popped on over to the perfumes and thought i needed a treat! I am a big fan of fruity perfumes and dont really explore outwith this preference. My favourite perfume is Miss Dior Cherie but i like to vary what i buy within the fruity range! I love escada perfumes though they do sometimes smell a bit over the top when, and arent really wearable for me outwith the summer months! A few others i love are Christina Aquilera (both the normal and night), Absolutely Givency but this was a limited edition and havent repurchased it, but i bought it at duty free before a holiday so if i ever do buy it off ebay it will remind me of holidays which is always nice!

Anyway back to the point...i love perfume bottles and i have about 20 on my dresser...most empty...but i love the look of the different designs all together! So the perfume i bought was Vera Wangs Glam Princess. I had heard a lot about this perfume, and being a fruit fanatic i had to try it! In boots i tried a few testers, mainly Victor and Rolfs Flowerbomb and Juicy Coutures one which i liked both of, but i went with vera! The bottle is GORGEOUS. i mean absolutely one of the nicest bottles ive seen! I love the little crown on the top which in the tv advert the girl wears as a ring! The fragrance is lovely, such a wearable scent which stays put on my wrist, and i can smell throughout the day! Love my purchse and i love that it now sits pride of place amongst my collection!

I was out on saturday night as well so i wanted somenew eyelashes which were a bit different. I have lots of the usual style, but none with a flick at the side so i thought id give them a whirl! I dont actually have a pic of me wearing them but here is what they look like in the pack! They are eyelure ones and they stayed put into the wee hours of sunday morning so overall i loved these!

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