1 February 2010

Curly Wurly

So just a very quick post...after a few lenthgy ones! For christmas my mum got me the Babyliss Pro dial-a-heat large barrel curling irons! I hadnt tried them up until now and i must say im confused...I began with hair which i had washed the night before, blasted with the hairdryer and left it like that. When i woke i had slightly wavy hair which was a good base to begin with! I used the tongs on the highest heat to begin with because i wasnt sure of their effectiveness! The tongs were weird in that they no matter how i used them, vertically or horizontally or with the barrel turning one way or the other they always left my hair dented...as you can see from the photo!

I thought this was maybe to do with the 'too high' heat so i turned it down but i found the same thing happened! It is obviously just where the clamp is just too big and dents everytime i wind it. However...having said all this the end result was quite nice i thought! The dents seemed to just disappear probably from the weight of the hair but on shorter hair this might not be the case! Anyway i probably will keep using these but i will try and resolve this if i can, though how im not sure!

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