25 February 2010

Plush Toys

For my Birthday my boyfriend got me a sewing book of toys! I have so far made two projects from the book, and i love it! It has given me the idea for lots of my own designs! Here are some images from the book, and below that are my two attempts!!

This mouse took literally half an hour to make, my cat Jack is very fond of her :)

I didnt leave enough of a seam allowance...hence the rippling all around this little bear!! I thought he was quite cute for my first attempt though!!

I have found some crafts blogs where lovely people make LOVELY plush toys, all so unique and made from beautiful fabrics and cute details. I hope to make some of my own designs soon enough! I just need to sit down and properly design them first!!

Do you have any tips for making toys? Have you made any you can share with me!?


  1. Hi Lil,
    I have this book too, I got it a while ago when I first thought about making plush (is that word too American?!). I didn't make anything from it though I admit. I am a fan of just grasping the absolute basics, then get going with your own patterns, you would laugh if I told you how long it took me to make my first couple of creatures and i would often forget to put the 'right sides' together too.
    I am looking forward to seeing some of your designs.

  2. Plush is such an american word and i dont like using it much. I shall try and invent my own word for my animals :) I will try and post some photos of works in progress soon! Mistakes and all! Lil xx


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