25 February 2010


Yes today was payday!! Yet again it was a miserable day...grey and very very wet!! But there was one good bit of news...my little car claude passed his MOT!! Yey...so i went to town after and spent the money i had reserved for any repairs needed!

I have been reading so many blogs lately about making homemade clothing. So I bought some lovely fabric from John Lewis to make a skirt! More details on that to come...

I also got these tiny crown earrings from Accessorize! I love this shop so much, there was so many things i could have bought but i was good and made do with these!

Then i went to Superdrug...I bought a Sleek paintpot in black, I tried to swatch it but my camera is a bit crappy and wouldnt focus properly. But i love it! Ive feared these kinds of eyeliners before but it seems really easy to use and a lovely soft black, nice for blending!

I also got Loreals liner, just as a back up, as my MAC pen liner is running out :(

I got this St Ives face cleanser. Mainly because i liked the smell, but also my Clinique one is running dangerously low and i want to try something new and slightly cheaper! Tho i do love the Clinique three step system!

And i also really wanted to try the Yes To Carrots night cream but couldnt find it in Boots so i opted for this night cream. Its so silky and the smell reminds me of when my mum used olay when i was little!

Superdrug is great for cheap british make up brands, and i actualy got the next two purchases for my sister for christmas, and she said they were great so im giving them a whirl!!

The poppy tint is supposedly a dupe for benefits posie tint! and the blusher is just a very pretty colour with some shimmer in! I will do a FOTD tomorrow and try out all my new purchases!!

MAC Palette Update
I am still trying to build my perfect mac pallette, but money is tight, so im going to limit myself to three a month! The colours i really want are: Wedge, Club, Espresso, Cranberry, Trax, Quarry, Patina and a few others! I will order my three within the next few days!

What new things have you been buying this payday? Can anyone recommend the St Ives cleanser?

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  1. I love payday sprees! You got some fab stuff. xx


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