15 February 2010

What A Find!

A quick post to tell you about my absolute must have. I got it in my stocking at Christmas and have used it almost everyday since! I love it so much. It makes my hands so soft. I apply this in the morning and again at night, im almost out of it so i looked it up online and found their website. They are a German company, and their website shows a firming body lotion which i really want to try but you can only bulk buy.

The hand cream comes in a tin like i have, or a tube. I like the tin as it fits in my handbag. I usually dislike handcreams as they rub off or feel way too slippery and take ages to rub in. This is very different. Its very thick and sinks in rapidly. But it leaves the skin silky, smooth and makes them look a lot healthier. I will put this on, and around 3 or 4 hours later it feels like youve still only just applied it.

I look forward to trying more of their products, if only i can get my hands on them in the UK!!

(By the way the tins are only around £1 in selected pharmacists. usually located around the counter!)

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  1. This looks like a really cute product :)


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