26 February 2010

I love late birthday presents!

The other day i recieved a major parcel from the postman!! It was from my best friend who lives 600 miles away...and it was a late birthday present!!

I love all the things she got me so much, i thought id share them!!

First off was this beautiful Topshop slouch bag! I love it so much, and seeing as i cant afford a Mulberry Alexa, this makes a nice alternative!

Then i got this Lancome lip gloss, i threw the box away so dont know the name...but its a lovely nude colour with teeny weeny red flecks in it. It really is gorgeous!

I also got these pretty earrings, which i have worn since and i love them!

And then lastly is this book...The range of books actually won gift of the year 2008 and you buy it to give to someone else, who then fills it out and gives it back to you!! So i have to fill out this whole book, where each page is a different question about my life, my childhood, pets, our friendship, my family and all these memories...and then give it back to her when i finish! and she basically has a book about me! What more could a best friend want!?

You get these books online and in shops, and they come for all different people, ie mum, dad, gran, grandad, and even a recipe one to pass on your recipes to others!!

Anyway thats it! Short and sweet :)

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