29 March 2010

30 day shred..day 3.

Oh my! Ive just completed my 3rd day of the shred dvd...and i feel fantastic, im really not just saying it!

...My legs are so sore, i couldnt sit down all day and driving was almost impossible! But i must say its working! I managed the whole workout this time (minus some of the butt kicks as they hurt my legs so much!) So i can DEFINATELY feel myself becoming adjusted to it and my stamina is improving no end!

Day one i couldnt get through 3 minutes without huffing a puffing, this time it took around 10 minutes to get really breathless which is good for me!

My strenth is coming along, and i can almost do a proper pushup! go me! I'm now using soup cans as my weights as i cant afford proper ones! but they seem to be doing the job!! My tummy feels horrible and wobbly when i do the butt kicks/ jumping jacks/ skip rope but hopefully that feeling will be replaced with washboard abs (ha ha).

I'm definately keeping it up, its so quick and i really do feel great!

If anyone else is doing this, or knows anyone who is doing it too...please get in touch!!

Or if you have any words of encouragement...please say them! As its nearing easter and im off chocolate until this is over! :( boohoo

Until next time...here are some cute animal pics :)

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